Review of TOAST

Helena Bonham Carter and Freddie Highmore try to out do each other
in the cooking department.

As part of the "From Britain With Love" series The first of six films being promoted here at selected Laemmle Theatres around town.

This charming delightful throw back of a film starts out well with beautiful long lingering shots with great art direction and a fitting soundtrack but became a little lost in the second act. Based on the autobiography of famed British Chef Nigel Slater. TOAST tells the story of a young boy Nigel (Oscar Kennedy) who grew up in Wolverhampton on canned food, but yearns for the taste of fresh vegetables from his parents yard. His sickly Mum is a horrible cook and the family end up eating toast most of the time, hence the title.  I feel they spent a little too much time setting up the scenery and nothing really exciting happens until the start of the third act. And this is when we meet Mrs. Potter (Helena Bonham-Carter) The house cleaner who has her eyes on Nigel's father. She is the conflict and an excellent cook, and lives by the motto "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Freddie Highmore(Finding Neverland)  is introduced even later around the One hour mark (kind of bugs that the lead and very talented Oscar Kennedy isn't billed higher in this pic as he is clearly the lead and such a stand out. (This Nottingham born lad is going to go far in this business)
The Very Talented Oscar Kennedy

All in all this is a very sweet Biography of Mr. Slater's life and how he became the excellent chef, Great performances but was left wondering if it was really a story worth telling. However the movie  did have me reminiscing and craving for Fray Bentos Steak pies and a quarter of cough candy twist and Bon-Bons.

Reviewed by Craig Young

You can See this again TOMORROW On From Britain With Love - Click here to see the rest of the Los Angeles Schedule


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