Debbie Harry's Rapture Video was the first to feature graffiti.

I'd like to share some of my images from the recent Art in the street exhibit at The Geffen Contemporary Museum - MOCA Don't forget The BRITISH ARTIST BANKSY has made it free for all on Mondays. - This is a must see for everyone.

ROA's Californian Still life involves a series of doors
that when opened or close create a whole new piece of art.


Mister Cartoon 1963 Ice cream truck, 2010was part of the
Cholo Graffiti movement

A recreation of FREEDOM, 1990 has been sprayed on one of the walls

An unusual room where everything is turned Topsy-Turvy. A wall of sound is all so set up
using musical instruments that are attached to many speakers

SWOON has created an entire room out of paper doilies. Pretty amazing

The poster art movement of the 90's

To give you an idea. The scope of the exhibit

An old convenience store recreated with all product renamed and re imagined

In the Levi's sponsored Film and TV room - you can make your own movies using all media possible from 8mm to Digital camera, various edit systems through the years. A green screen, I managed to capture this little girl playing with the green screen cloth, which turned her into a floating head in the trees with monkeys.
Neon signs

I do hope you will get the chance to see this before it disappears. - Craig Young


  1. Brilliant cant thank you enough for including me on this adventure. xm


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