Beauty from the Inside

Beauty from the inside

Life is hectic, career, family, friends, the mounting pressure of keeping up with the Kardashians (god help me) and to add insult to injury I am surrounded by glossy magazines filled with pictures of the perfect, well everything! It's all so exhausting.

As I slap on every product known to man, no matter how much moisturizer I apply I just can't get back my sparkle! Who is that strange women staring back at me in the bathroom mirror…with a deranged look in her eyes resembling a dear in headlights just before its about get slammed by a car… Is that really me?

This my friend is when a serious detox is needed and a trip to "We Care" is the ticket, merely two hours away from LA nestled in the heart of the Desert…. somebody cares!

Feast upon delicious shakes and green things whilst chilling at the pool. Experience the enema, this appeals to my nihilist side in ways we won't discuss….I ask myself is this Beauty from the inside or Beauty as a result of removing my insides?…..who cares…. Skin that glows and looks (according the bar tender at the Chateau) ten years younger…that's a result…… I only wish I could see my colon!



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