First look at Meryl Streep playing our IRON LADY

Meryl Streep's remarkable transformation

The UK Trailer

See the first trailer for THE IRON LADY starring Oscar winner Meryl Streep as our fearless leader Margaret Thatcher. The movie also stars Jim Broadbent and the fantastic Richard E. Grant as Michael Hesletine. Some people were outraged at an American actress portraying one of britons most well known leaders. What are your thoughts on Meryl playing Maggie?

The film has been scheduled to be released in the UK January 4th, 2012


  1. I think Meryl Streep is a brilliant actress and as a Brit, I personally can't wait to see this movie.

    Marina Paganucci.

  2. She has done a splendid job in every movie she has made. If Brits and Aussies can play Americans brilliantly, Meryl can certainly play a Brit.


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