WEDNESDAY JAN 25th, 2012 -- Brits in LA members gathered at West Hollywood's Bar Lubitsch for a night of name pulling, number shouting, column inches and oooh and aaahhhing as they found out who's team they were going to be on and which film they were going to parody for this year's TOSCARS. Teams now have 3 weeks in which to write, direct, costume, make up score, star in a 5 minute parody of on of the nominated films for Best Feature at this years Academy Awards.
 The black tie event which consists of Red Carpet arrivals, cocktails and appetizers, screening, judging and awards will take place at Hollywood's glamourous Supperclub on Hollywood Boulevard the evening of Tuesday Feb 21st commencing at 7pm. We'll see you all there.

Click here to purchase your tickets to the event.

(All images courtesy of Kerstin Alm)

Team leader Emrhys Cooper and Elena Maria Infantino flanked by friends
ended up drawing "The Descendants" to parody at this years event.

Mario Vernazza, Gwen Goldbloom and Gano Lemoine seem to be very happy
that they are signing their lives away. They all ended up in different teams. Mario chose "The Artist", Gwen "Warhorse" and Gano got "Moneyball"

Brits in LA co-founder Craig Young took care of running the show

Darren Darnborough helped draw the team leadersl films,  by delving in to Craig's tool box

Team leader Amy Chaffee didn't seem too pleased with her drawing of 'The Help' but stoically
 said that she'll "make it work"

Craig was very proud of his tool box and was extremely excited that everyone
got to get a rummage

Director Richard Keith who won for "Slumdawg Millionaire" a few years back
documented the evening for us.

Darren and friend enjoyed the evening and ended up joining in
with team "The Help"

The Lovely Lorraine Wilkinson had a lovely night flanked by two hunks, she starred in
last years 'White Trash Swan' "Toscars is always the best night of any awards season", she said


  1. Oh, we'll make it work, Alright, Craig! We will totally knock this "Help" out of the park! Watch out! The Golden Fist will be ours!


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