Happy 5th Birthday to all Brits in LA Members



Firstly, I just want to say a huge thank you to all the members of Brits in LA, our sponsor, Gil Brito from Beltran Brito who is sponsoring our Birthday party tonight. Our advertisers, our wonderful volunteers, staff, and mostly to Eileen Lee, without her Brits in LA wouldn't be possible. So for this special edition we thought it would be fun to go down memory lane.

Congrats to Craig and Eileen for five great years of service to the British Community, from all of us at Beltran Brito we hope you and the members of Brits in LA have a very fun night. Gil

It all started with a group of British friends that wanted to get together on a regular basis, share stories, connect and make things happen. But more than that a place to be social. That's when Brits in LA was born 5 years ago, a small gathering at a venue called Memphis (now Jane's House) in Hollywood.

This was our first social, which has led to, dare I count 245 events since. These events have ranged from our longstanding and world famous Breakfast Club, every Tuesday and our Saturday Social both at Cecconi's restaurant in West Hollywood.

we have some really fun events celebrating our Royal family, like the Slumber Party for the Royal Wedding at the Cat & Fiddle Pub in Hollywood which courted the attention of the media while we were all dressed in Pajamas and tiaras as we watched the Royal nuptials take place in the courtyard, and how can forget our right royal knees up with Mr. Tom Lowe at the piano in the garden of the Palihouse.

Toscars is always a grand affair, where we all get together and make parody movies of the ones nominated at the academy awards, we all dress up very smart and pretend we are at our own Oscars, we cheer and boo as celebrities give out the coveted golden fists to our winners.

We  have taken you on some great trips, Wine tasting in Ojai Valley, Partying in Las Vegas, A very British Sundance Roast in Utah and lapping up the sun in Palm Springs.
Us Brits always like to have a bit of a dress up, whether it's dressing like naughty school children for our Skool Disco nights or when Halloween comes around we're we hosted Dead British, where everyone dressed up as their favourite Dead British Character.

A great big thanks to Eileen and Bobby for all there support and that we wish them many more prosperous years to come. Love Zoe and all at Economy Rent-a-car

We have been very lucky with our partnerships and have organised trips to see free British movies, like The best Exotic Marigold hotel, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, The Inbetweeners Movie and even having our own special Brit night at the Bel Air Film Festival.
Now we obviously can't forget the sports, we know how much we Brits love the footie. One of my favourite events was when we teamed up with BAFTA/LA for the World cup back in 2010 where we screened the USA Vs. ENGLAND match on the roof of the Peterson Museum for 800 people, we had face painting, Foosball, live music food and a great free bar.

We have organized buses to take us to the GALAXY games especially when they are playing one of our teams from back home, like the Man City game and the Spurs game back just last month. We started our own football team called The BLAggers FC who now play in the LA Premiership league, and just recently started a golf team.
These teams start small but with time tend to expand. What's next a Cricket team? We have hosted Brits get fit, Brits go galloping, Brits go Bowling and Brits go jumping out of Planes. (Crazy!).
We also love a bit of culture and have been fortunate to great discount rates for the theatre. Iris, Mary Poppins, Warhorse. We love supporting our members when they are appearing in local theater. We were very lucky to have Joanne Whalley, Julian Sands and Martin Jarvis all hosted us at the LA Theatre works productions at UCLA. We've also seen some great comedy from Russell Brand, Eddie Izzard, Diane Spencer, Greg Davies as well as our very own Jim Tavare. We have honored some very special Brits that have made a difference in the community, such as Melanie Greene and Nick Jones and The Photographer Andrew McPherson at the British owned Reiss Store on Robertson.

Every Christmas time we get festive, as well as trips to the Panto we always throw a good ol' fashioned Christmas Party, we've hosted games nights and pub quizzes, pub crawls, Karaoke whiskey tastings thanks to Glenfiddich and who can forget the Yorkshire Tea commercial starring our very beloved Bernard Skibbens,

We bring you a weekly newsletter with all the latest news, special offers and discounts and have created a Brits in LA housing page and Brits in LA selling pages for you too. During the five years we have raised money for the charities Adopt-a-letter, The ACTORS fund and Project Luangwa.
Anyway I'll stop boring you with the laundry list of greatness we've done over the past five years and just say we are very blessed to have found each other, been able to provide a platform for advice, help, friendships and relationships to be made.

Keep looking out after each other and here's to many more years to come.


Craig and Eileen

A big shout out to Darren Darnborough and Sean Borg, who were there at the very beginning and have  continued to help us grow.


  1. Boots should be paying you for that pic! You make them look cool! Happy Birthday! xo


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