Push it good, push it real good.....

In L.A. theatres Oct 26th
The two sides of Agnyess Deyn in soon to be released 'Pusher' 

      The first thing to hit me about this film was just how very British it is, not in a 'Guy Ritchie-Jason Statham combo, shoot 'em up style' but going back to the basics of good old fashion film making without the tricks.    This race-against-the-clock thriller is about a likable (!?) drug dealer's bust gone wrong. Sounds like it has all the trappings of being cliche,  right? but the film actually does well to avoid the traps by remaining very real and steadfast. Helped by the screenplay (Matthew Read), the cinematography (Simon Dennis) and the quiet direction from Luis Prieto. A driving soundtrack provided by Orbital also helps move the film along at a steady pace. 

      Based on the explosive series by Nicholas Winding Refn, the director of 'Bronson' and last year's sleeper hit 'Drive'.    Pusher stars the very capable Richard Coyle as drug dealer Frank, who grows desperate over the course of a week after a deal goes awry and lands him in shallow waters, literarily.    A story of how things can go from bad, to very bad to... Oh, my god how did this happen to me.  

     Moral of the story Dabble in drugs, you'll get fucked up. Super-model turned actress Agnyess Deyn in her biggest movie role to date, is very relaxed on screen and adds a little heart to the piece as Flo, Frank's girl and part-time stripper in the local joint. But Bronson Webb who takes quite the beating in one of the movies squeamish of moments, is a standout for me as Tony, Frank's best mate/hanger-on, he adds a flavour of humour (yes i still use all the U's in my spelling) to lighten the mood when needed.

      There is a little nudity and quite a lot of ultra violence, but of course, that's one of the things us Brits do well, right? 

"Pusher pushes the limits, in all the right places" 
- Craig Young, Brits in LA

In select theatres starting Friday October 21st, 2012- Check your local listings

*Watch out next week for our exclusive Brits in LA video interview with Agyness Deyn hosted by our very own Sandro Monetti.


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