Brits in LA welcomes new fitness contributor JC

Brits in LA would like to introduce our latest contributor - JC - a certified Fitness Expert from Body, Your Design Personal Training. As a successful actor and former pro boxer with over 18 years experience in the health and fitness industry JC knows just what it takes to be fit and healthy, to survive Hollywood and the demands of every day life. Each week, he is going to show us in a few easy steps how to train right, eat right and plan right so that we can get our bodies ready for pilot season, the beach, work, family, play or perhaps that perfect role that is waiting just around the corner.

        Hi fellow Brits over here in L.A What an interesting place we have decided to live and work in, L.A home of the beautiful people where every one has a picture perfect body right? Fortunately not and once you look behind the smoke and mirrors and beyond the air brushed photo shopped bodies we see in the various Hollywood celebrity magazines you come to realize that the majority of the people are just like you and me, normal and doing the best we can around work, home and family to be fit and healthy and looking good.  
Here's the bad news we can't all look like Brad Pitt or Jessica Alba because no matter how hard we try perhaps we just don't have their genetic disposition.
Here's the good news, we can all look better, be fitter, feel better and live healthier fuller lives. 

Body Types
So my first post is going to be about body type, do you know yours? Because if you don’t how are you going to know the best way to tackle getting to your fitness goals.
The human body what a fascinating thing, we all have the same components but are all put together so differently. A one size fits all workout is never going to maximize your potential gains because let’s face it we are not all one size although what I will say is the most important part of training ‘is doing it’ and something is always better than nothing.
We are all born with different, unique genetic traits, some people will gain muscle easily, some no matter how hard they try will gain muscle slowly, some people are just born with low body fat (get over it) while others gain fat quickly and easily. So every piece of information you glean about weight loss, fitness etc must be applied against your knowledge of your own constitution, metabolism and genetic makeup.

The study of Soma typing classifies body types into 3 main groups – Mesomorph. Ectomorph, and Endomorph.
It’s rare to find a person whose body type falls completely into one of these groups, most of us share a mix of these genetic traits, but hopefully this will give you an idea of which type you are closest too.

The Mesomorph – (It’s the person we love to hate) generally has the following characteristics. They are naturally muscular, naturally lean, have broad shoulders lose fat easily and gain muscle quickly.

The Ectomorph – These people are generally lean and thin. No matter what they eat they don’t seem to gain fat. However they can find it difficult to gain muscle. Their general characteristics are they are thin and wiry, find it difficult to gain weight and have fast metabolisms and high energy levels.

The Endomorph – (These people got the short end of the stick) This body type stores fat easily and finds it hard to lose fat. They have a slower metabolism, are larger around the waist and are more of a pear shape (I will cover body shapes in greater detail next week).

The good news is whichever body type you predominantly are there is hope and a training plan that can take you closer to where you want to be. So if you are more Endo than Meso you may have to work harder but you can still achieve your goals. If you are more Ecto this does not mean you can’t gain muscle and even if you are a natural Meso if you neglect yourself it does not mean you will not get fat.
Next week I am going to offer guidelines for training  YOUR body type for not only aesthetics but general health and well being and will chat a little more about body shapes. You can contact me at and until next week, train hard, train smart, eat clean and get lean.
Body, Your Design


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