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So how do I train my body shape?

So I’m sure you are aware there is an awful lot of fitness information and disinformation out there, here’s one that makes me smile, body shape categorization.
My body shape is a pear so I should train this way, well mines a banana, well yours could be more like a giraffe and mine is more like a monkey! No mine really is, but does it affect the way that I should train? There are so many different ways of describing your body shape and different fitness fads come and go and use different ways of describing your body including hour glass, or inverted triangle or type A or any of the ones above. If some of these resonate with you that’s great I’m not saying that any of them are wrong these are merely one persons way of explaining different body shapes. So picking up from last week I think a more accurate way of planning your training program is too know your body type because a natural Ectomorph who sits around all day and eats nothing but processed food could look more like a pear than a banana and an Endomorph on the right training and diet regime could look more like a hour glass than an apple, confused? 
Here’s the skinny….
No single exercise program is a one fit for all however some exercise will always be of some benefit. To maximize your potential progress your training regime should be geared to maximize your particular strengths and work on your weaknesses for a better all round approach, so knowing your body type is important.

Clearly define your goals

So what is your aim, target or goal? Are you a skinny guy / girl who would like to pack on some muscle? Or perhaps a chubby woman / man who would like to lose some fat. Or maybe you are about to take on an endurance event so need to work on your stamina or simply have been so caught up in work or family you have not had time to train and have maybe indulged in a little too much fast food so want to shed a few pounds. Well the answer to all of the above questions and most other fitness related questions to what can I achieve is YES. Yes you can lose fat, yes you can gain muscle, yes you can run faster or longer, yes you can get bigger, faster or stronger. The human body is such a complex and amazing thing with the right approach you can look and perform almost any way you wish (within reason) it might just take you longer depending on your body type. The key to all of this is living a healthy lifestyle every day as opposed to some kind of crash diet or magic pill and supplement to take you there over night. To have a sensible diet and clearly defined goals before entering into any type of training program and to find a way of working towards your goals and making it a fun enjoyable experience. There are so many different ways of attacking your body you really don’t have to punish yourself with a program you hate, better to find something you love that will have the same result. Can you dive into a program for drastic results? Yes you can but those results may take longer and be harder work than anticipated. For example home programs like P90X or Insanity or countless others, do they work? Yes they do but they all revolve around training 6 days a week alongside a low sugar / fat diet with plenty of sleep and rest for 3 months solid. I’m not knocking these they have proven results but put anyone on this type of program and they will show some results but is this practical for you. Healthy living on a day to day basis with a sensible eating plan and practical exercise program geared towards your personal goals is the way forward. Also don't be too hard on yourself, Rome wasn't built in a day and nor will your perfect body be. Have a little patience it can take a little time to see results but stick with it as you can and will advance towards your goals. Next week I’m going to touch on diet and explode a few myths around supposedly healthy foods. You can contact me at and until next week, train hard, train smart, eat clean and get lean.


  1. this is a good sense program. It takes time to achieve lasting results. But little by little it all adds up to success. If you stop struggling with yourself, food/lifestyle choices become a whole lot easier and fun. Take the fun quotient out of it and failure and "hard work," loom. Put the fun back in to all of it and you get to play with your body, not beat it up. My two cents from working with JC. He's a master :)


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