The Official 6th annual Toscars Images

All images by Jason Kamimura exclusively shot for Brits in LA.
All rights reserved

The Brits are used to the rain, and Tuesday night's downpour didn't stop them as they ran undercover at the Egyptian Theatre for the 6th Annual Toscars presented by Brits in LA and sponsored by Volkswagen Santa Monica, Beltran Brito, Geek Eyewear and Gerber & Co, Tax and finance specialists. The event was sold out and everyone's spirits where high. Flashing of bulbs on the red carpet. A pre VIP champagne reception beforehand in 'The Pig and Whistle' Pub Inside the event, From American Idol fame Brian Dunkleman was our host. And our Celebrity judges and presenters had a blast, Eric Roberts, Rex Lee, Alek Keshishian, Walt Becker and Janina Gavankar bought the star power. Keaton Simons entertained the crowd with some original numbers and a rendition of Skyfall.  The big winner for the night was the team 'Miserable Lesbians', a spoof on "Les Miserables", produced by Marina Paganucci and directed and written by Sandro Monetti took home a whopping 8 out 10 awards including Best Threads and Best Whactress gong went to Leah Allers,(who wasn't in attendance) Both Supporting Whactor and Whactress awards went to Michael Enright and Natasha Sill, respectively. The two awards they didn't take home was for Best Tunes, that went Guy Ross and Tamara Douglas-Morris for Skyfell (and I can't Get up) and Best Whactor award went to John Alexander for "Breast of the Southland Wild" At the after party everyone danced to the sounds of PLASTIC LOVE, drank Toscarinis at Sadie's Kitchen and jolly good time was had by all. See all the images below. Thank you to all our volunteers, Event Producer Jeremy Koester, Dirty Robber who made our opening titles, Kara Noble who was the amazing voice over artist, Cosmo Street, Max Bartoli, London Flair PR and Jason Kamimura.
Team "Breasts of The Southland Wild"
Argo actress Temina Sunny was nominated for best supporting Whactress

Toscar nominee Helen Soroya was nominated for best Whactress for
"Half past Twelve (at night)
Team "Skyfell (And I Can't Up)
Burgandi Phoenix was nominated for
Best Supporting Whactress for Skyfell
Team "Silver Whinings Payback"
Nominee for Best Supporting Whactress for her turn in "Half Past Twelve"
Debra Meyer and guest
Keaton Simons was the music guest for the evening, tributing
James bond 50 years with his rendition of Adele's "Skyfall"
Some of cast of "Miserable Lesbians"
Nominees Rachel Rath, Carlos Ramsey Ramirez and
Brian Rodda
One of our judges for the night was the director Walt Becker 

Actor Thomas Tevana
Team Djangle: Unchained

LinkIN's Lead Whactress nominee Nadia Witt in the forefront, with
nominees Steve Baker and Nicc Sill in the background
Rex Lee gave out the awards for Best Supporting
Whactor and Whactress

Judge Eric Roberts arrived on the red carpet with
his beautiful wife Eliza.
Team LinkIN's actresses Valera Zunzun and Laura Beth Hill

Little Miss Toscar this year was none other than the
glamorous model Leilani Dowding
Last year's master of ceremonies Jim Tavare came to
support with his beautiful wife, Laura

Director of "Stargo" Max Bartolli
with guest
This year's host Brian Dunkleman had them
laughing in the isles

Comedian Michelle Melean came to support

British film producer Alison Owen with judge and presenter
director Alek Keshishian
Actress Georgina Cates

Producer John Woodwood

True blood actress Janina Gavankar was the only
female judge for the evening. She said how much fun she had.

Nominee for Best supporting Whactor Neil Kumar for
Half Past Twelve (At night)

Twice Toscar winner Naketa Starkey

French Cabaret star Jenny Eloise Rieu

The night was introduced by The co-founders and co-chairs of The Toscars
Craig Young and Eileen Lee

Sandro Monetti wins for best Scribbler for 'Miserable Lesbians'

Sandro Monetti wins for best Boss for
'Miserable Lesbians'
Leah Allers won for best Whactress for
Miserable Lesbians
John Alexander won for Best Whactor for
"Breasts of the Southland Wild"
Eric presented the award for Best Fisteur

Michael Enright and Natasha Sill both took home the best supporting awards for
"Miserable Lesbians"
Nominee Emma Pyne gets interviewed on the red carpet
Erin Chaill 
Keaton Simons entertained the crowd

Michael Enright wonders where he's going to stick
his award after it's all over

Marina Paganucci, the Team Leader and Producer for
"Miserable Lesbians"
took home the top gong too.
Guy Ross accepts his award that he shares with
Tamara Douglas-Morris for Best Tunes for original score in "Skyfell"
Actor Will Brandt attends the Toscars a former participant from
"The Chelp"

Nominee Peter Fuentes from "Life on P1" interviewed on the red carpet

Some of the team from the parody "Zamour"
Some of the team from "Stargo" parody of "Argo"
Team "Stargo"
Team "Miserable Lesbians"
Team leader Maria -Elena Infantion and Max Bartoli bring the
Italian flavor to this year's awards
Three time whacademy award winner Ewan Chung with the
beautiful Helen Soroya from
"Half Past Twelve (at night)" worked the carpet
Neil Kumar flanked by crew members.

The Beautiful Maria-Elena Infantino was also up for Best Whactress
Team "Skyfell (and i can't Get up)"

Josh sSussman from "Glee" bought the funny.
Nominated director for "Zamour" Tammi Sutton
Melanie Marr from "Housewives of Beverly Hills"
looked stunning
Team "Silver Whinings Payback" arrived in plastic trash bags
as a nod to Bradley Cooper in the actual film
Mario, Dana, Jessica-Elisa and Carlos Ramsey Ramirez "=fetching"

Brian and Carole Ruggier
Bin Liners for everyone - correct attire for the weather we had.
The lovely Doris Roberts loves the Brits and obviously
 knows a thing or two about comedy.

Bea Bree from the actual film "Silver Linings Playbook"

Actress Pippa Hinchley nominated for best script for "Life on P1"
The Ninja Twins from "So You Think You Can Dance"

Team "LinkIN" having a blast on the carpet

Alice Amter from
"The Big Bang Theory"

Laura Habron in Gold, Guy Ross, Melissa Kite and Team Leader and
Co-Director Matt Crabtree
David Esquire, Ben Stanley and Co-director Laura Habron

Sharon Yates and Kim Morgan Greene

Nominee AND committee member Emrhys Cooper
with his date Hefit

Rex Lee presents natash Sill with her award for
"Best Supporting Whactress" in "Miserable Lesbians"
Janina Gavankar guides Eric Roberts off the stage as he's a little too early. 

Reid Russell was the DP for Miserable Lesbians and has
been involved in The Toscars since the beginning
Cheers to the People's pick too

It has been our absolute pleasure Toscaring 
with you all this year and we look forward to seeing you all back next year.


  1. Wholly Nachos & Newcastles! NOW THIS is what I'm talking about. I absolutely love this collection of photographs from the event & they definitely give a complete sense of the occasion that night! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing them with us!!!


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