Gang of Eight - Immigration Reform Bill

Meet The Gang of Eight
A very interesting piece of legislation is currently being debated in Washington.  It is one that may affect some of you? Basically 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans have got together and worked on an overhaul to our current American immigration system. It comes down to a kind of amnesty for immigrants here unofficially. How it seems to work (if passed) is any immigrant here illegally will come forward and then be put on a kind of probation for at least 10 years. During this time they will pay at least $2000 in fines and also pay taxes on income earned. The candidates would also be required to learn (American) English At the 10-13 year point they will be granted citizenship.
It is obviously a lot more complex than stated here, but they are the bare facts. Some Senators have declared they will not vote to pass this bill unless control is tightened up along the Southern Border and others argue that it is rewarding lawbreakers . I can certainly see all sides, but do think that illegal immigrants will continue to live and work here, so why not have them contribute to the (weak) economy?

For more details and opinions on this bill you can find great articles at the news sites below.
Feel free to leave your comments in the section at the bottom, we would love to hear your thoughts on this .

USA Today 
The LA Times
The Washington Post 
The New Yorker
The Huffington Post
The New York Times 
Right Wing News

Daily Show host Jon Stewart always has an interesting perspective on everything in politics, you can watch a video of his opinion here


  1. It would be nice if they did something regarding the efficiency of processing of paperwork for legal immigrants. Current greencard renewal for example takes up to 12 months and costs almost $450 in filing fees. Considering that everyone filing for this is already a tax paying permanent resident, the reason for the exorbitant fee is patently an unfair treatment of legal immigrants. There would be an uproar if a Passport or Drivers License took this long or cost this much.


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