Where To Find Your British Goods!

If you've ever considered jumping on a flight home to pop into a Tesco Express for that much needed tub of Bisto Gravy Granules that will surely salvage your Sunday Roast, then this is the place for you! You don't need to go anywhere but to your computer for those unmatchable tastes of home. The internet is awash with online stores that will deliver right to your doorstep. Www.Expats.org has a useful directory of British food suppliers from around the world but if you don't want to wait until checkout to find out just what it will cost you for a tub of Marmite, then this guide will offer some examples of shipping and product costs from some of the best Brit food stores online. 

British Food Store Online

USA Shipping £29.99
This is a UK based company so the shipping is more expensive than other distributors but they do offer a 5% loyalty discount off all repeated orders and if you recommend a friend you can earn £10 in credit. 

British Super Store
Another British company but if being in Los Angeles has stolen those golden opportunities of perusing the aisles of your favorite food shops, you can virtually recapture those precious moments by buying the finest from Tesco's, Sainsbury's and Waitrose right here. Again, the shipping is pricey at about £20 for 3-5 items but if you just cannot live without your Percy Pigs, they have a whole Marks and Spencers section! According to multiple customer reviews, British Super Store have fast shipping with most customers being quoted around 14 days but recieving their items within the week.

Brands of Britain
Brands of Britain have a flat shipping rate of $6.95 per order and after the order process will take up to 7-10 days to be delivered

Jolly Grub
This company is based in New Hampshire and takes 4 to 5 days delivery time to California. They also have a very helpful and reasonably priced shipping cost guide on their website, the link of which you can find here.

British Food
British Food have a good selection of products but customers in California are subject to a 8.00 Percent sales tax on certain items. For a container of Bisto Gravy Granules ($2.50) and Colemans mustard ($2.34( to ensure a proper Sunday roast dinner, you're looking at an $11 shipping fee. 

British Food Shop
Based in California, this company has the shorted delivery time to Los Angeles at 1-2 days. For a box of PG Tips ($4.25), a couple of tines of Heinz baked beans ($1.96) and a bottle of HP ($6.00) for your fry up will cost you $12 in shipping fees if delivered by ground mail. 

British Isles
British Isles online is based on Houston, Texas and have a big selection of British toiletries as well as food. For a ten pack of Cheese and Onion Walkers ($9.90) shipping will cost you $9.00 and they deliver within the week.

British Goods Online
British Goods online ship within 4-5 days to Los Angeles and surrounding California areas. They also have a shipping cost guide which is dependant on how much you spend http://www.britishgoodsonline.com/Shipping_Costs.html

If you don't feel like waiting for your items to be shipped over from the mother land, you can always just buy your favorite British products right here in LA instead.

Oh ,Fancy That!
18399 Ventura Blvd
Ste 11
TarzanaCA 91356This British Food Store can be found in Encino and is stocked up with the best British fare including Nando's Peri Peri sauce!

Irish Import Store
742 Vine Street
Los Angeles, Ca 90038
The Irish Supply Store in Hollywood holds an array of British and Irish goods. It's a little bit pricier than some of the other stores but well stocked. 

Mel and Rose Logo
Mel and Rose
(323) 655-5557
8344 Melrose Ave
Los AngelesCA 90069
Mel and Rose is a food and wine store in West Hollywood and they have a speciality food section which has a few British products including everything Cadbury's and Nestle (At reasonable prices!).

Ye Olde King's Head
Ye Olde Kings Head Tea Shoppe
116 Santa Monica Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Off to the side of Santa Monica's Favorite British Pub is the Ye Olde Kings Head Tea Shoppe selling great British fare including, PG Tips, Walkers, Heinz, Mcvities and much more. They have all the classics. 

Bristol Farms
Click here for a list of locations in Los Angeles. 
With a few stores in LA and surrounding areas and one to open in Santa Monica very soon, you will be able to find a selection of British foods and products in any of the stores! 

Fresh & EasyFresh and Easy
Click here for a list of locations in Los Angeles.
Fresh and Easy is a chain of neighbourhood marketplaces in the Western United states and is actually a subsidiary of our very own Tesco's! So you will certainly be able to find a selection of British goods instore. 

Century City 76 Gas Station
10389 Santa Monica Boulevard
CA 90025
If you find yourself on the road and in desperate need of a chocolate bar from back home, then pull over on the corner of Santa Monica and Beverley Glenn, for the gas station there holds British Chocolate and sweets, who'd have thought!


  1. The British Connection in Torrance sells British foods... a whole shop full of them!

  2. Check out the Hare and Hounds in Thousand Oaks. The proprietor, Trish, a native of Scotland, is a terrific lady and I've known her for years.

    She carries all sorts of goodies British!

    Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Thousand Oaks, CA.

  3. Whether it's a vintage trend or just something that isn't available in nearby shops,Los Angeles Stores Online a little effort in internet surfing can get me what I'm looking for. That said, thank you for sharing your fave sites!

  4. British Corner Shop is a good website that carries lots of British goodies. The best part is that they ship smaller parcels to the US for 4.99 GBP or about $8.00 USD.

    There is also an Arco in Irwindale at 15875 Arrow Hwy, Irwindale, CA 91706 that sells British chocolate and Kinder chocolate as well!

  5. gas stations- SFV- Ventura/ Van Nuys-
    Oxnard/ Canoga
    World Market and Fields (Saticoy and Woodlake)

  6. Beethoven Market at Palms and Beethoven in Mar Vista/Venice.

    Great selection of British Goodies!

  7. India Sweets and Spices: 3126 Los Feliz. Brilliant and huge Indian shop with a casual take-out or dine-in section as well. Nice selection of British biscuits, plus teas and chutneys, and an amazing variety of Indian culinary ingredients. Fun to just browse this place and take in the delightful scents. Smaller store on Fairfax just north of Pico, also has take-out.

  8. A good list there. Another option is http://mybritishshop.co.uk


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