Burn Body-Fat fast with 'The Breakfast of Champions'

Meat (or a source of good protein) And Nut Breakfast 'The Breakfast of Champions'
So today I want to tell you about getting the right breakfast!
Ideally it should consist of protein and good fats. Another great secret tip I share with my clients and now you is…
One of the fastest ways to lose body-fat is to eat an all protein and fat breakfast. As a test I suggest trying it on a 5-day rotation for 2 weeks, if you think it hasn’t helped then go back to your toast and rice Krispy’s.
This applies to males and females! Example; (The fish oil is optional at this stage)
Monday-      Steak, portion of cashews, and tablespoon of fish oil.
Tuesday-     Chicken, portion of almonds, tablespoon of fish oil.
Wed-           Turkey, portion of macadamias, fish oil
Thursday-    Eggs, portion of brazil nuts, fish oil
Friday-         Lamb, portion of hazelnuts, fish oil
Protein portion should be about the same size as your clenched fist.
You would then rotate the meat and nuts and continue for 2 weeks. Extreme discipline and planning required but the results…. Results- Phenomenal. One client I trained did it for about 3 weeks and lost around 3-4 % body-fat (yes the results can be that dramatic). Energy and mental acuity go off the scale, you will never feel as good. Above is just an example but any good form or protein with nuts and fish oil (really is a super food) will do the same job. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not the greatest chef on the planet so for me my staple is 2-3 boiled eggs then 3-6 brazil nuts or 6-8 almonds and a fish oil capsule. Vegetarians could replace meat or eggs with a protein shake or a good veggie protein substitute. Carb cravings become non-existent. Try it. Put the cereal bowl down and the toaster away, here are a few helpful notes.

Protein Source can come from;
Salmon and trout
Sea Bass
Monk Fish
Beef or Lamb
Non milk based protein shake.
Nuts can be;
No more than 6-10 nuts in one sitting. Pine nuts are the exception; a small handful will suffice and ensure the country of origin is not china, due to fat rancidity (no peanuts or peanut butter!)
Another option to get you started is to have Organic eggs (instead of the meat) with avocado (instead of the nuts) and Fish Oil. Fish oil is an incredible super food proven to help in the treatment of heart disease, compromised immune systems, depression, anxiety and too many other things to go into here, I’m going to write a separate post about fish oil and Omega 3’s.
Remember to change a habit; we have to change a habit! In other words we have to take steps. We have to recondition ourselves to a new way of thinking. If you want results and to feel on the ball, energetic, wide eyed and lose fat to boot. Then try this, you may surprise yourself! Once you have got over your incorrect childhood conditioning that cereal, milk, toast or whatever is the right breakfast choice, and have adapted to this way to start the day you’ll never turn back.

This Breakfast of Champions was created by Olympic athlete and tops sports performance coach Charles Poliquin.  It’s proven and recommended by many ‘in the know’ trainers and nutritionists. I have used this Breakfast system myself and with my clients for many years and when people ask me how can I shed body – fat and keep lean year round, this is one of the changes I try to steer then towards.


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