Steve Sidelnyk Football Blog 16th August 2013

Will he or won't he???????? I write the transfer window hasn't closed and we could see some big money moves......indeed record breaking!!!!!
Rooney to Chelsea????? Man United insist he is not for sale.........Gareth Bale to Real Madrid????? Could make history.

Also a paradigm shift in the way we watch football over here in the USA.
Fox Soccer and ESPN have lost their exclusive rights to broadcast the Premier League and NBC have acquired them.
This on the surface sounds actually beneficial as the NBC network is free with most cable/satellite TV packages so after all these years of paying for more channels than you could humanly watch, you would instantly cancel your subscriptions to the previous channels and lo and behold its all free on NBC!

So here is a link to the main NBC page for the football schedule...or as they say soccer : O ) :

As you can see really the only free games are the ones that are shown on the straight NBC network. The other channels are NBC Sports Network and NBC Sports Live Extra are additional channels usually covered in most sports packages you purchase with your cable/satellite provider.

I'm gonna miss the banter between Ian Darke and Steve McManaman as I'm enjoying my marmite on toast and cup of PG Tips! Please watch this great YouTube link :

Here is an NBC link to wet your appetite of what out USA counterparts are preparing for us! :

A great channel to watch a lot of European games is Beinsport :
Not just football but some other great sports included and the odd Rugby game too!!!!!

The Fox Network has retained the rights to The Champions League and will launch their new all sports channel Fox Sports 1 :
This channel looks like its going to be an amalgamation of all their sports channels which include Fox Soccer and air in addition The English F.A. Cup and Concacaf events.

OK now that we've tried to make it clear which channels to watch it its gonna be an exciting first day of the season with Swansea taking on the mighty Man Utd with David Moyes as the new manager and huge shoes to fill after Fergie finally retired and maybe also with him the infamous " Fergie Time" which somehow always got added to every nail-biting match that they were involved in that might have seen a chink in the armour of arguably the most famous football team in the world.
Liverpool with their eager beaver Saurez returning to the side.
Arsenal v Aston Villa with the ever present Arsene Wenger still in control and promising to keep them in the top four.
West Ham v Cardiff...........well maybe some coverage outside of the ground could be good for that as both teams are known for their somewhat over-enthusiastic support : )
The Special One and his emotional return to Stamford Bridge against a newly promoted Hull side on Sunday.
Not to forget Manchester City their new manager and their millions of pounds of investment!

Its all shaping up to be one of the greatest seasons ever and with the World Cup in Brazil in 2014 there is gonna be a lot at stake for lots of players as they strive to keep fit and stay out of injury to play in the greatest footy event.
I cant take another metatarsal injury : O )

Eileen gave you a list of the pubs in LA that will airing the matches last week and some great Brits in LA deals too!

Happy Brit-Balling!!!!!!

X Steve" El Flama Blanco" Sidelnyk


  1. Do not forget the Kings Head II on Ventura Blvd. All the LA Spurs will be there. Expect about 50 - 70 for opening day of the season on Sunday morning despite the 5.30am kickoff. - Rolfe


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