This week's blog is dedicated entirely to a cinema classic, Gone With The Wind
(Apologies if you expected me to say Spanglish or The Human Centipede).
On Sunday, I left my script-writing cave for a dark room at the BFI for 233 minutes of glorious movie magic, now digitally - and lovingly - restored in 4k.
Any other time, I would be happy to wax lyrical about how the cut was richer, sharper and more vivid than before – and it was – but what I really need to discuss is, a) how handsome Clark Gable is now that he's age appropriate, and b) why if he was alive today he'd be the original hipster, living in Silverlake and driving a beat up Karmann Ghia. Here's the evidence:
1. His moustache screams hipster and a love of soy lattes at Lamill (or if you're old school, Intelligentsia).
2. He wears hand-crafted three-piece suits that are slightly too tight for his girth, and yet somehow gets away with it.
3. The cut glass tumblers he drinks whisky out of look suspiciously like posh jam jars.
4. He dresses his irritating child in ridiculously cute outfits. (And fact - if Bonnie Butler was alive today she would no doubt date Gwen Stefani's kid, Kingston.)
5. He's a civil war arms dealer which is about as counter culture as you can get.
6. Hold on a mo, he actually looks like the guy who works at Silverlake Wine.
7. He plays poker with a bunch of Army captains in a stable – mark my words, this will be the next big thing east of Fairfax.
8. And he doesn't give a damn – which as anyone who's ever tried to get a parking space at the stupidly busy Trader Joes on Hyperion, is exactly the mindset you need to live in Silverlake.
Gone With The Wind, which won a whopping 10 Oscars in 1940, opens at the BFI Southbank and at cinemas around the UK from November 22, as part of the fabulous VivienLeigh centennial season.
That's just in time for you to catch a screening when you head back home in a few weeks for your festive shopping/family time/M&S Xmas pud sweep.
Fiddledy dee!

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  1. The original hipster, living in Silverlake and driving a beat up Karmann Ghia. Here's the evidence:customized shopping


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