Steve Sidelnyk's Football Blog 13th September 2013

Well it had to happen the USA men's team are now officially above England in the FIFA world rankings due to a pretty pedestrian display by our lads against the Ukraine and a wonderful victory over Mexico by the USA Men's National Team................another good outside bet for the World Cup next year.

So pre-international duties the transfer market was frantic on the last day and the acquisition of Mesut Ozil by Arsenal from Real Madrid looking like the best deal done by anybody.
Samuel Eto'o, four time african footballer of the year, going to Chelsea also another coup as he's a vastly experienced player who still has a taste for goals..........In fact you can use the last couple of lines to impress your friends with of your ever increasing knowledge about the beautiful game : O )

Liverpool have the early momentum and Saturday sees the return back to the Premiership and some tasty matches with Everton vs Chelsea being an interesting cross-pollinaton of many players either on loan or bought in the transfer window...........and this is the last word on Bale-gate it looks like he'll play his first match for Real Madrid vs Villarreal tomorrow!

So now on to where apart from the comfort of your own home you'll be able to watch most of the games live :
The Cat and Fiddle on Sunset Blvd are going full force with showing The English Premier League and opening up for all the games in the morning except the 4.45am game, BUT if a fan club or group commits they will open especially!
This is a link to their website : and they are located at : 6530 Sunset Blvd , Hollywood, CA 90028 and their number is : 323 468 3800................Thanks for this Ash : )

PART 2 of football terms to sound the the expert you are not ...whilst in the USA : 

1. football / American football
meaning: This is an obvious and easy one to start off with. But we're going to ease into your tutorial. Of course, what Americans call "soccer," the rest of the world calls "football." And what we call "football," the rest of the world calls "American football." Easy enough, right?
use it in a sentence: "The World Cup final is for football like the Super Bowl is for American football." Or: "I'm going to attempt to be the first American to ever use the terms 'football' and 'American football' in the same sentence without sounding like a total prick. How did I do?"
2. kit
meaning: Football players don't wear uniforms. They wear kits. Why are they called kits? I have no idea. Maybe they sent away for them and made them at home. These foreign countries are full of peasants who know how to sew, you know.
use it in a sentence: "What an amazing set of kits." Chances are you'll be watching football at a sports bar and, if the bar is loud and it's tough to hear, this line can also can double as a compliment for your waitress.
3. pub
meaning: That sports bar back there? Yeah, notrue football fan watches football at a sports bar. Football is watched at a pub. You'll immediately expose yourself if you fail to say "pub."
use it in a sentence: "Dollar Coors Light bottles and a special on jalapeno poppers? Awesome. Hooters is my favorite pub."
4. supporter
meaning: That talk back there about being a football fan? Yeah, that's not a thing. In football, you're not a fan of a team, you're a supporter of a team. It's basically semantics, but the word "fan" comes from "fanatic." Whereas "supporter" implies a more grounded and rational type of backing.
use it in a sentence: "Did you see that England supporter? He just bit a man's nose off for saying Wayne Rooney has lost a step."
5. fixture
meaning: Fixtures are basically the schedule of play. For example, the fixture says the U.S. opens its World Cup against England.
use it in a sentence: "I'm just glad that the fixtures aren't fixed like in the NBA."
6. cap
meaning: A player earns a "cap" every time he plays for his national team. It's like the games played stat of international football.
use it in a sentence: "All of these players must be first-timers because none of them are wearing caps."
7. nil
meaning: "Nil" means zero or nothing. So if a score is 2-0, you say it is "2 nil." And if it's 0-0, you would say "nil nil." Pretty easy, right?"
use it in a sentence: "Goal! It's 2-nil now — and I say 'nil' so you don't know that I know absolutely nil about football. Although I'm afraid I already proved that a few minutes ago with my comment about caps, huh?"
8. match
meaning: In football there are matches, not games. Say "game" and everyone will shake their heads at you and sigh. Really. You think I'm kidding? I'm serious! This is not a f—king game, man! Or match. Whatever.
use it in a sentence: "Football kit pub supporter fixture cap nil match!"
Perfect! Now you sound like an actual football supporter after a few hours at the pub. Especially if you yelled that sentence. Congratulations.
Signing Off X Steve" Sniffer" Sidelnyk


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