Special Offer For Teeth Whitening, Invisalign and Dental Prophy

We are always being asked about good dentists and I 'd like to introduce you to  Dr. Nicolas A. Ravon and Dr. Kimberley Knopf.
Who are offering  Special Offers exclusively for Brits in LA Members!

At-Home Bleaching with Custom trays and 2 tubes Bleaching product $99
Dental Prophy and Bite-wing check-up xrays and comprehensive Exam $99
Invisalign $3900 
(must be free of active decay and infection), 
case must be approved by treating doctor.
All of these deals are not applicable to insurance patients.

Click here to visit their website and book an appointment.
Or if your preferred method of contact is the telephone, you can also reach their office by calling 310-275-5325


  1. Thank you for sharing superb informations. Your site is very cool.

  2. Thanks For Sharing, This might be more useful for the peoples who are having idea to do invisalign.

  3. Awesome post. teeth whitening can have your teeth looking whiter than ever. In fact, after a single treatment that will only take an hour, your smile may be up to 12 shades brighter.

  4. Thanks for sharing the information I never know about the teeth whitening treatment in the home it very helpful. In the recent fast pace time brush your teeth in there is hard so I always do the brush at one time which is at the morning, so my teeth becomes yellow and show different shades of color. When in the party I meet the friends, then one of my friend said your teeth become very yellow then I realize how our teeth are very important in the personality. Then I went to the center in Delhi, Which is Dentistry Redefined and got the appointment they simply check and say don't worry your teeth got stain by plaque and It is remove in there or four sitting after attend all sitting after that they suggest me to maintain you white teeth.


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