Steve Sidelnyk's Football Blog 4th October 2013

Real Madrid : 4 ......Surreal Madrid :  Fish.......................But more of that later : O )

Well the BPL has certainly got going!

After a pretty muted beginning there are a few contenders for the main crown.........Man Utd are in for a scrappy battle if they want to be Champions again.
Following a drubbing at the hands of Man City they then lose in an epic battle to West Bromwich Albion at Old Trafford.............the first win in a generation for WBA at the Theatre Of Dreams.

It looks like the Black Country had something against the City Of Manchester as Aston Villa came from behind twice to defeat Man City.....A BBBIIIIGGGGG Shout out to the midlands!

Wins for Cardiff at Fulham, Hull City Tigers beating West Ham, Southampton over Crystal Palace, Norwich at Stoke, A mighty impressive Everton beating Newcastle (Which asks the question ...WHY did Jose let Lukaku go????)
Another fine Arsenal performance at Swansea and Liverpool out-classing a yet-to-win Sunderland side with that eager beaver Saurez scoring twice on his return after suspension for biting and another why did Jose let him go : Daniel Sturridge , what a partnership him and Luis make.

All this leaves Arsenal at the top with Liverpool, Spurs, Everton, Chelsea and wait for it....Southampton hot on their heels and Man Utd 8 points behind after 6 games..............David out!

Amazing goals scored this week were by Ricky Lambert for Southampton with a wonderful free-kick and a spectacular injury time winner by Jordan Mutch for Cardiff....blinding!

Champions League back in action and wins for everybody except.....Man Utd......but at least a draw in the Ukraine.

And now back to the Madrid derby in which Real were frustrated and eventually beaten by an impressive Athletico Madrid side.
Tons of end to end action and the second half two ex-Spurs players were brought on in Bale and Modrich and came very close to securing at least a draw!
I'm sure Real assistant head-coach Zinedine Zidane just wanted to get out on the pitch and show them how its done!

And believe it or believe it not but if we cant have the World Cup in football how about the World Cup of Tiddlywinks in London? ..........

Sports Minister, George Sad, unveiled Britain's bid to host the 2020 Tiddlywinks World Cup in his monthly press conference yesterday.
Early estimates suggested that hosting the popular event will cost around £300 million.
Mr Sad dismissed that estimate as outrageous. He said, " Our calculations suggest it will cost nearer to £500 million. We will have to build four new Tiddlywinks arena's at a cost of £200 million, which we will demolish immediately after the the World Cup ends. The winkers village will cost around £10 million, this will also be demolished or perhaps left until it falls into disrepair. Transport and security costs will be between £50-£60 million. I also estimate that around £100 million will have to be used to bribe T.W.A.T (The World Association for Tiddlywinks) officials
Explaining the legacy that will be left behind by hosting the competition, Mr Sad lied through his teeth, "It may be an expensive event to host but it is highly prestigious and will generate around £8 billion in revenues, maybe more. Fans of Tiddlywinks come from all four corners of the world and are very passionate about the sport. They will spend millions during the World Cup and that will give the overall economy a boost."
Sam Tosser, chief correspondent at the 'Weekly Winker', pointed out to Mr Sad that he had only accounted for £370 million of the £500 million budget. Mr Sad explained that the remaining £130 million would be wasted on swanky dinners for himself and other Ministers.
Current British Tiddlywinks number one, Kurt Viaduct M.B.E, said that he "almost winked my tiddle out the window" when he heard the news. "It's very exciting," said Mr Viaduct. "As you may remember, I abandoned my Connect 4 career to pursue the noble sport of Tiddlywinks. So if we win the bid it will totally justify the decision I made. Tiddlywinks is a growing sport all over the world but remains relatively small here in Britain. Hopefully, this will lift the profile of the sport and provide us with a new generation of top class winkers. I believe it will. Currently, everyone wants to be a footballer. I reckon this will make us a nation of winkers. It's wonderful news."
So there you have it Brazil and somewhere else where they want to move it to the winter-time!
Steve "The Special One" Sidelnyk


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