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If you are new to LA you maybe interested to know that you don't need an American credit score to buy or lease a car, there is such thing as an Foreign Business Professional Leasing program that both Volkswagen, Santa Monica and Audi Pacific offer,  you need proof of some sort of visa to work in the USA. Email Artem or Jordan at Volkswagen, Santa Monica,  or Evan Bolton at Audi Pacific at  to find out how you can get into a car hassle free - these guys have helped countless Brits in LA members already. 

Plus both dealerships have committed to donating $100 per vehicle leased or sold to 

Editor's Letter

Happy New Year Breeps!

i just got back from 10 days in Palm Springs, so I got to celebrate both Xmas and new years there - the temp was perfect around 75 degrees each day. I took some fantastic hikes an even found myself lost one day! It was worth it, as around the corner was another spectacular view.
Our very fancy Tree! - Reminds me of a very funny sketch that i posted
at the end of the newsletter
The view from Lykker trail in PS. (Be wary of rattle snakes though)
 ended 2013 with a casino Royale themed party at our home with a black jack dealer and 1950's music. It was a lot of fun
My personal photos.

A new year means new beginnings and saying goodbye to the year that just was, and looking forward with new hope and new goals.
This year I have decided to start taking care of my body and mind. Last year was good but living the highlife (wink) can sometimes take its toll on you.
Image Royalty free by
My first goal is to give up smoking - And so far so good! I've given up smoking before but usually by summer holidays time I'm back puffing away - but this year I'm gonna stick to it. First with cold turkey see how I do - then if not I'm going to try Allen Carr's Book  Easyway to stop smoking. (  I have friends who swear by it. And if that doesn't work then i'll try my hand at a hypnotist  to the stars; Kerry Gaynor is the man ( apparently - Let me know which ways worked for you? or if you want to give up to perhaps you can try along with me. And those that have given up and succeeded let us know how you nipped it in the butt.
My second goal is to be in the best physical shape possible - so will be upping my training sessions with Your body by design to two sessions a week. JC is really one of the best there is  - He has such a good bedside manner and knows just how far to push you without making you want to pass out. but with measurable results too. See below for all his details.
My third and final goal is to eat better - My good friend Sean bought me a juicer/blender combo called the ninja for christmas and i will be getting a lot of good use out of it, to help complete my new healthy lifestyle. Good Luck with yours!


Every January there is also a new set of rules that come out in California, So thought it might be good to let you know about a few,  Transgender rights: Students will be allowed to participate in school sports and use the bathroom consistent with their gender identity, regardless of what is listed on their birth certificate. However, the law could be suspended next week if a group called Privacy for All Students has enough signatures validated to put the issue on the November ballot. Gun control: Eleven new gun-control laws were signed into law in 2013, including a ban on the manufacturing or sale of large-capacity magazine conversion kits. Possession of large-capacity magazines will be banned under that law beginning July 1. Domestic workers: Nannies and caregivers will receive overtime pay for working more than nine hours a day or 45 hours a week under a law billed as the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. Minimum wage: Minimum-wage workers will see their hourly pay rise from $8 to $9 beginning July 1, with another $1-per-hour increase in 2016. Abortion access: Nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives and physician assistants will be allowed to perform first trimester abortions under a bill to expand access for women seeking the procedure. Juvenile offenders: Minors prosecuted and convicted as adults for serious crimes will be given a second chance at freedom under a new parole hearing process that allows their cases to be reviewed after serving at least 15 years of their prison sentence. Past crimes: State and local governments will no longer ask job applicants on initial applications about past criminal convictions until determining whether the person meets minimum qualifications. The law takes effect July 1 and exempts some agencies, such as law enforcement. Undocumented drivers: The Department of Motor Vehicles is drafting new regulations and preparing to process applications from undocumented immigrants eligible to drive on California roadways sometime on or before Jan. 1, 2015. The DMV estimates 1.4 million undocumented immigrants could apply for driver's licenses over the next three years once the program is implemented. Teen texters: Anyone under 18 years of age can no longer use hands-free technology to send or receive text messages while driving. Texting the old-fashioned way was outlawed in 2009. Shutterbugs: Paparazzi will have new restrictions for photographing the children of celebrities under a law that expands the current anti-harassment protections to include recording or photographing a child without consent in a way that causes substantial emotional distress. Big cats: Mountain lions will receive additional protections requiring California Department of Fish and Wildlife wardens to relocate the animals and use lethal measures only when immediate death or harm is anticipated. The law was signed in response to outrage in Half Moon Bay in 2012 when wardens shot two orphaned 4-month-old mountain lion cubs.
For the full list of OVER 800 new laws in effect check here:
This week events are back up and running - Sunday Roast (Jan 5th at The Pikey), Brits Breakfast sponsored by NextStop LAX (Jan 7th at Cecconi's)and The pub Quiz (Jan 7th at The Pikey) - Hope to see you around. see below under events for all the details.
Take care, happy new year and the best of luck sticking to your goals!!!

P.S.  I do hope you will join us on February 26th for the 7th Annual Toscars screening and the awards ceremony. We are hosting at the historic Egyptian Theatre again, which is apparently also the site of the very first red carpet event to occur in Hollywood!

  It is a really a fabulous night, definitely the highlight of the AWARDS season ! To view the films from the previous 6 years, visit our website
If you are interested in participating in a film we still have a few spots left. Find your inner parody!  Tickets Here OUR SELECTION NIGHT  is Jan 16th at Bedford and Burns

Speaking of...
Brits in LA present Burns Night!
Saturday, January 25th
Thanks to William Grant & Sons, The Balvenie and Glenfiddich will be flowing! 
Ticket information to follow, but for now RSVP here

It's not too late to get fined



Adam Beach as already helped countless Brits in LA members get affordable insurance and whether you are for it or not, come January every US resident must carry insurance or they will have to pay a large penalty at the end of the year. 
To find out more information you can reach him on 
310 414 2100 or email him at 
He also can help with travel insurance, 
including those of you who are not residents here.  

We are constantly updating our Brits Gigging in LA page .
Dave Stewart among others


"I have used Paul many times, he has a magical way of helping me see the role clearer, 
and stops me from standing in my own way" - Craig Young, NCIS:LA, Hawaii 5.0, Fringe
1st Session is Free!

As a producer / agent in the UK, Paul Duddridge represented some of the biggest names in entertainment. Michael Mcintyre, Rob Brydon etc. He is now one of the most sought after acting coaches in Los Angeles with a reputation for turning around careers.
He helps numerous actors, comedians, directors etc with acting, coaching and visas.
contact or
First consultation is free. Mention BRITSINLA for a 25% discount. visit

Hubber can help you do it safely and legally!
They take care of the insurance plus you get a free car wash
and don't have to pay for parking either!
If you are looking to rent a car make sure to mention you are a 
Brits in LA member, as they are offering a discount for you too! 
Check our Facebook group for details.
Call Paul if you have any questions (855) 482-2371 ext. 120
or email him here

Amanda Eliasch
(Now, we live in LA!!!)

We are always being asked about good dentists and I 'd like to introduce you to  Dr. Nicolas A. Ravon and Dr. Kimberley Knopf.
Who are offering  Special Offers exclusively for Brits in LA Members!

At-Home Bleaching with Custom trays and 2 tubes Bleaching product $99
Dental Prophy and Bite-wing check-up x-rays and comprehensive Exam $99
Invisalign $3900 
(must be free of active decay and infection), 
case must be approved by treating doctor.
All of these deals are applicable to insurance patients.

Click here to visit their website and book an appointment.
Or if your preferred method of contact is the telephone, you can also reach their office by calling 310-275-5325

In this area we encourage members to blow their own trumpets 
and give themselves a pat on the back! If you have an achievement you are proud of and would like to share with Brits in LA - email us here to blow your own trumpet! 

Sandro Monetti, Katy Haver and Julia Verdin
all became board members of BAFTA/LA
Congrats guys!

"From the UK to LA, how do people sustain family relationships across half the planet?”

She has prepared a very short, anonymous questionnaire on Survey Monkey. She would like to get as many BritsinLA members as possible to take part, PROVIDED they 
Live in L.A.
come from the UK and
Have family members still in the UK.
Here is the link to the survey:

Have a look/try it out and if you approve, could you post this on the BritsinLA FB page and hopefully keep it near the top so it gets as much traffic as possible? Maybe it could also go in the newsletter?

Jess would like to get as many responses as possible before the deadline of 31st January.

Jess would be delighted to provide access to the dissertation once it is completed should anyone be interested.

A grammy salute
contact Aaron Kaniecki for details
Tickets can also be purchased via Ticketmaster  -

Thinking of moving to L.A. and need a visa or a green card?
Gil Brito of Beltran Brito has helped over 100's of Brits obtain visas into the 
USA call or email him today to find out if he can help you. or call on 305-860-4050 for a free consultation.
Bernard Sidman is a fellow Brit in LA and has helped many Brits in LA members with the immigration process and has a high success rate. He has helped many BRITS IN LA members through the citizenship application too and is very experienced and thorough. You can reach him on 
818 981 0352 or check out his website at or Email him at

Try and join us for our weekly Twitter chat along with BBCAmerica's Mind the Gap and Virgin Atlantic. We have now moved to Wednesdays at 11 am PST. You can find us by clicking on this hashtag #mindthechat

Contact Evan Bolton if you are interested in leasing or purchasing a vehicle from Audi Pacific . 
For those of you with no established credit, make sure to mention you are interested in the 
Foreign Business Professional Leasing Plan

We're football crazy, We're football mad!
photo courtesy of C.Young

Steve 'It's Not (All )Over' Sidelnyk is our sports correspondent!!! 
Read his Christmas Cracker Football Blog now! 

Eileen Lee says "I read it every week and it really helps me sound like I know what I am talking about when it comes to soccer! "

Do You Wanna Get Fit ? - Less Time, More Results!
Ever considered working out with a world class personal trainer? Want to burn body fat fast with High Intensity Interval Training? Build muscle or add greater definition, have fun and learn martial arts and / or boxing along the way? 
JC says "I have many secrets tips and cheats to get you to your perfect body goal FAST! Be it a target body weight, specific muscle tone, or just that nice athletic or perfect body as you imagine it to be. In home or on location with all equipment provided. Rates $75 - $100 per session 

JC is a certified Fitness Expert with Body, Your Design Personal Training and contributor to Brits in LA, read his latest Fitness tips and advice here 


JAN 5th
At the Pikey.
They are giving 25% off entire bill for Key Members only must
show key bob for you and 1 guest only.
Free Range Local Organic Produce.
They also offer a nut roast for the vegetarians amongst you! 

JAN 7th
Every Tuesday RSVP HERE
$15 inc Tax and Tip* Breakfast Club sponsored by NextStopLAX
$18 for English Breakfast and free valet parking!

NextStopLAX  is the leading relocation and visa consultancy service 
for entertainment industry professionals transitioning to living and 
working in the US
Relocating Entertainment Professionals.
Next Stop LAX. Every day our team of experts assists entertainment 
professionals from all over the world in making the major transition toward
working legally in the USA. We have a proven track record in obtaining visas 
and helping our clients meet other employment requirements. 
Disclaimer: Next Stop Media’s principal (Mr. Andrew Newton) is a bonded immigration consultant registered with the California Secretary of State, holding Bond Number 61292049. The Company is not a law firm and does not engage in the provision of legal advice. The Company does not guarantee any particular outcome for its clients, including adjudications of visa petitions or the processing time for such petitions. Further terms and conditions, including disclosures required by statute, are set forth on our website and in our client intake forms and engagement letters.


Pub Quiz at the Pikey!
Tuesday, January 7th 2014
photo credit: Eileen Lee

Our pub quiz at The Pikey is growing every week, 
so if you think you have what it takes to come join us on a Tuesday night. 
Not all questions are based on British knowledge, in fact it pays to have a couple of non-Brits on your team! Make sure to arrive by 7.30 to grab a table. 

Thurs JAN 16th - See who's chosen and which movie they get to parody!

Saturday, January 25th
Thanks to William Grant & Sons, The Balvenie and Glenfiddich will be flowing! 
Ticket information to follow, but for now RSVP here

( We think you might like!)

The CineFamily present
Jan 6th  - Get Tickets here
Jan 9th  - Get Tickets here


The National Theatre of London Captured Live
CORIOLANUS - Saturday 2/15 at 12:30p.m. & Monday 2/17 at 7:15p.m.
WAR HORSE - Tuesday 3/18 at 7:15p.m. & Saturday 3/22 at 12:30p.m.
KING LEAR - Monday 5/19 at 7:15p.m. & Saturday 5/24 at 12:30p.m.
Tickets on sale now

A few performances left
The Steward of Christendom at the Mark Taper Forum

Starring Brian Dennehy
Written by Sebastian Barry
Directed by Steven Robman
November 26 – January 5, 2013

Need a car for a month or longer? don't wanna pay the big brand car-rental
prices?If all you need is a runaround to get from A to B you should call
Zoe at Express Rent-a-Car*
They have short or long term car renting (she occasionally sells used cars too) 
7007 Canby Ave Reseda CA 91335 818-668-3052 Hours 9-5  M-F 
and Sat by appointment after hours service 818-429-7073   
Or email her
Rates starting at $16.95 p/day Inc Taxes....
She has helped many Brits in LA members
Also now doing airport transfers for $60**
*These cars are not brand new luxury vehicles
**Rates may vary depending on distance


Package Includes:
Excellent Customer Service
Up to 20 page website
1 Years Free web hosting on a private server
Six updates to existing pages within the first year
User Login to update website
Search Engine Optimisation
In depth website visitor analysis

All for 
saving $100.00

For more Information contact us on:

Or Visit Our Website at:

One of the most common questions we get asked is 
for shipping company recommendations. 
We have heard great things from a lot of you about these guys UPAKWESHIP. 
Visit their website here 


Yogaworks HAS opened in Hollywood
Great deal from Yogaworks for Brits in LA members
$100 sign up fee waived plus one free weeks trial ! If you choose to continue after your 1 free week you will get a discount on the monthly fee. Prices vary from location to location but will be about $15 off
 (except Santa Monica locations and Studio City, at this time) 
Visit their website to find a location near you. And don't forget to print off this flyer to get this fab deal!

Where to watch?!

The following pubs usually show the games.
Call in advance to confirm. 

 Cat & Fiddle and Rock and Reily's
have said they will even open for the early ones 
if you want to round up a group! 
If we have missed any pubs , please let us know and 
we will happily add to the list below. 

Cat and Fiddle - Hollywood (323) 468-3800
Cock 'n Bull - Santa Monica (310) 399-9696
Fox & Hound - Studio City (818) 763-7837
The Kings Head - Studio City (818) 990-9055
Ye Olde Kings Head - Santa Monica (310) 451-1402
Rock and Reilly's  - West Hollywood (310) 360-1400
Village Idiot - Hollywood (323) 655-3331
White Harte- Woodland Hills (818) 224-3822

 The Patriates FC
Made up of Brits in LA members!
Don't forget to like LA Premier League on Facebook
and click here for their match schedule. 
Their next game is this Saturday December 14th, in Culver City
Kick off 11.45

Anyone for Netball?
Such a great group of Ladies. 
All ages welcome as long as you can run around for an hour straight!
If you fancy joining in the fun you can either join their Facebook group 

Don't get frazzled with your bookkeeping have a 
pro do it for you.
Lisa has helped many Brits in LA members with their book keeping needs 

Weekly Stars by Anne Shaw

email Anne at 
call 310-392-1681 for a private reading
She does tarot and astrology!
Its time for some kind of change in your routine so what ever works a short trip out of town or planning a longer one later . Looking ahead don’t be afraid to embrace changes .March is the beginning of all the best changes.

On occasion you can pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat and this will be a definite chance this year ahead to do this. When unexpected situations arise probably mid June onward this will be the time to take courage and go for it.

Your ruler Mercury doing his occasional backwards stroll will be starting in late January into February. You will then have  opportunities to make sure a past promise is fulfilled .To listen to your inner voice is very important going forward in life.

The past year has not been what you hoped or perhaps expected for sure. If you are desire changes you best start straight after the holidays. However you have to remember the old saying the greatest plans of mice and men and be patient until May.

Yes this is a time for the Leo strength to show itself. This past year had its disappointments, however you must go with the flow this New Year and by mid March life is looking good again. A family reunion will be very welcome in spring.

You are known as the worrier any thing and everything you have likely worried over .This year ahead you must get the message and be more in the moment. If you feel misunderstood early in the year this is a clue to examine where you are not understood.

Beginning in mid April you will be very much involved in a new project in any area.
Make this the year when you do not procrastinate and just get going with pondering to much about the outcome. In other words make a decision and stick with it.

Well here’s cheers to the end of a long tough in many ways year gone This being said understand that the lessons, and yes there were a lot are preparing you to beginning a more balanced life and times. Let go of what did not work in your life and move into a very exciting new year all year.

A new venture will brighten up your life in a few weeks around late March. Finances are a little low currently so you will have to keep a handle on spending. Be dressed to be noticed this few weeks ahead so you catch the eye of who ever is looking for you and your talents.

The changes in 2014 start as soon as now, your birthday month and by the end of April 
You should have a good plan to carry you through the year ahead. Pluto the planet of deep changes and renewal is with you all year take advantage. Happy Birthday.

It the time of year to celebrate especially if you have been out of sorts or a little blue and moody in the last year... You may have been a bit of a hermit and now its time to come out from where you have hiding .Spring brings new friends and love is in the air.

Be ready for a big change of plans this early spring. You have been coasting along not always aware of what is next this past couple of years .Now its time to live your life and not worry what others think .You are on track for travel this coming year both mentally and psychically  to take a trip or two in this year.

Courtesy of Gourmet films

DISCLAIMER: Brits in LA, Inc are in no way responsible for any transactions made between readers and businesses that advertise with us. On occasion we may recommend any of our said advertisers, either because we have used their services and like them or they have been recommended by our members. Brits in LA is a free group/ forum (we do not charge you a fee to be a member)  by agreeing to be a member of this group and forum you agree to not implicate Brits In LA, Inc in any legal matters you may find yourselves in with our advertisers or recommendation that we may make. (It is your own responsibility to research and checkout all companies that you want to go into business with. (Not ours.)
If you do not agree to these terms, please remove yourself from the group.
Our advertisers are important to us to keep Brits in LA running daily. We do our homework and we recommend you also do yours. Please seek independent advice before taking on any financial contract


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