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Greetings Breeps!

Our Facebook page has been quite active this week with questions on subjects such as pet insurance, tax time and etiquette of tipping in LA.
I’ll tackle the last one, first, having some experience in the service area quite a number of times, ‘in-between’ acting jobs.Why do we tip certain professions and not others? Why are we having to subsidize the tight proprietors who don’t pay their staff properly? Why do I tip my Gardener only at Christmas.Why do i tip a cab but not a bus driver? And why do i tip at Starbucks, when i don’t tip at the supermarket? Why do I tip a percentage when the server does takes the same amount of time serving one person as he/she does 10 people. Long and short of it is, i don’t honestly know. however on further research, it was all our fault, or to gift, as it was once known. In the days of Geoffrey Chaucer and Middle English, "to tip" meant simply "to give"--as in "tip me that cheate" ("give me that thing"), immortal words penned by one Samuel Rowlands in his 1610 Beadle of Bridewell.
The most charming explanation refers us back to the days of Dr. Johnson and his eighteenth century circle of wits. Upon entering his local coffee shop for a session of epigram-flinging, Dr. Johnson would drop a few pence in a box labeled "To Insure Promptness" ("T.I.P."--get it?) in order to encourage a greater display of vigor on the part of the generally listless attendants.
Tipping spread from England to colonial America, but after the revolution it was frowned upon (temporarily) as a hangover from the British class system. One only tipped one's social inferiors, which, lest we forget, did not exist in the brave new world. Unfortunately, the working class eventually got around to swallowing its pride, and tipping returned with all the fervor it possesses today. Even the Communist countries have not entirely succeeded in eliminating the practice. These days, of course, taxi drivers and wait persons depend on tips for a substantial part of their income. If you didn't tip, presumably they'd expect to be paid more, and your restaurant bills and taxi fares would consequently be higher. The fifteen percent standard is mostly a question of what the market will bear. In New York, the figure these days is twenty percent; European restaurants generally add a ten percent gratuity to the bill.
I found a fantastic chart that explained it all rather well here.
Personally having been on both sides - I loved receiving tips and was always most grateful, and now like to give tips too, if only they are gratefully received. more often than not tips are left as one leaves, so said server never really knows how much they are getting until after the job.  I remember one time, working in Balans in London and I chased one customer down the street, that i believed to have given excellent service to and rightfully gave him his 10 pence back that he had left for me, and quite defiantly telling him that he must need this much more than I do. And back then in 1993 earning a pound an hour, i actually did need his tip, in order to help pay for my two bedroom flat just off Tottenham Court Road. We actually survived, very well on our tips and the kindness of strangers. Perhaps we ought to change the order and start tipping in advance, that way you get the type of service you pay for. 
Remember a dog isn’t just for Christmas, It’s for life….Pet insurance can be just expensive as human insurance and that shocks a lot of people when they first arrive. Vets earn just as much as doctors, after all they are still a sort of doc. You can get pet insurance for as little as $20 a month, but depending on the age of your dog and breed can go up to about $200 a month. so make sure you can afford to have a pet in LA, first as without insurance and your dog eats a grape or chocolate or gets hit by a vehicle, your bill can run up into the thousands. here’s some good options to look into that our members have recommended : 
Pet Insurance Review
Also Eileen has started a pet of the week, that we will feature in our newsletter, a little chap that needs adoption or fostering.

More about Jasper here
Good with Dogs, Good with Cats, Good with Kids, Good with Adults, Hypoallergenic
We also have a new contributor to the group - Catherine Siggins, as our theatre reviewer who has been quite busy already reviewing three British themed productions, Bristol Old Vic and handspring puppets production of "A Midsummer night’s Dream” (Read it here) and Noel Coward’s "A Song at Twilight”  catch that review next week.

It’s been busy week for me, opening this weekend in "The Vortex" at Malibu Playhouse and filming the new TV series HIT THE FLOOR for VH1, and of course preparing for the dreaded tax deadline of APRIL 15th. Stay calm and TAX on, Breeps! 

Have a great week and hope to see you at one of our many events.



Craig’s play 'The Vortex' opens at The Malibu Playhouse on April 11th, and runs until May 18th.
Check out the official flyer for full details. I know he would be over the moon if you could come along - be sure to introduce yourself if you do!

Use the code 'BLA' for $10 discount and a FREE glass of wine. Get your tickets here.


Need a car for a month or longer? Don't want to pay the big brand car-rental
prices? If you need a runaround to get from A to B, call Zoe at Express Rent-a-Car*
They have short or long term car renting (she occasionally sells used cars too). 
7007 Canby Ave Reseda CA 91335 818-668-3052 -9am-5pm M-F 
and Sat by appointment after hours service 818-429-7073   
Or email her
Rates starting at $16.95 p/day Inc Taxes...
She has helped many Brits in LA membersAlso now doing airport transfers for $60**
*These cars are not brand new luxury vehicles **Rates may vary depending on distance.


Another Mother's Day to come!
Trying to figure out what to get your American mother-in-law for Mother's Day in May?
You can't go wrong with these gorgeous pashminas from Elisabeth
Use code ESC7916525
for a special *Spring into Spring 20% off*
UK TV Show looking for bands in California! Would be great to find a UK band here in LA, we can promote you stuff on our TV show, NubTV. Or if you're a brit and in a band here...that works too. Email Brandon at with contact information and any music video links. This is non paid, but great exposure on our SKY TV channel and

Don't forget to check out all our pages on Facebook.
Meet Catherine Siggins who moved to LA 3 years ago, and is also our new resident Theatre Reviewer.
Photo Credit: Maya Adrabi.
For more information, click here.
To check out Catherine's latest review of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', click here.

Brits in LA will be hosting this every Sunday from Easter! 
Come join us!
They serve a great brunch/lunch every Sunday
Free Sausage Rolls with your main course! And drinks specials on Pimms Cups!
But you must download Palifornia App


Bristol Old Vic in association with Handspring Puppet Company presents ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ on Santa Monica’s The Broad Stage.
This Shakespeare-with-puppets production is courtesy of the endlessly inventive puppet company that co-created ‘War Horse’.
For Tickets click here or call 310-434-3200


Adam Beach as already helped countless Brits in LA members get affordable insurance and come January every US resident must carry insurance or they will have to pay a large penalty at the end of the year. 
To find out more information you can reach him on 310 414 2100 or 
email him at info@beachfinancialgroup.comHe also can help with travel insurance, 
including those of you who are not residents here.


We are constantly updating our Brits Gigging in LA page.

New Order - July 13th - Greek Theatre.


The Tony Award Winning Broadway Musical
Ahmanson Theatre April 22-Jun 1
Use discount code BROADWAY for discounted tickets.  Click here to purchase.


VOCAL STUDIO in the Hollywood Hills (near Studio City/Universal City)
Available for voice over & vocal/guitar/keyboard tracking (anything but drums)
$350 (day rate)  
Please Contact Gayle:
*now accepting credit cards*



At 'The Pikey' on Sunset Blvd at Stanley. They are giving 25% off entire bill for Key Members only must show Brits in LA key fob for you and 1 guest only.
Free Range Local Organic Produce. They serve this yummy menu every week.
We are getting together on April 13th for dinner at 5.30pm
Drop us a line if you want us to save you a spot at our table.
Click here for all the details
$15 inc. Tax and Tip -  Breakfast Club sponsored by NextStopLAX
Now $15 for English Breakfast too and free valet parking!
Cecconi's very popular Egg's Benedict
NextStopLAX is the leading relocation and visa consultancy service 
for entertainment industry professionals transitioning to living and working in the USRelocating Entertainment Professionals.Next Stop LAX. Every day our team of experts assists entertainment professionals from all over the world in making the major transition toward working legally in the USA. We have a proven track record in obtaining visas and helping our clients meet other employment requirements. 

Disclaimer: Next Stop Media’s principal (Mr. Andrew Newton) is a bonded immigration consultant registered with the California Secretary of State, holding Bond Number 61292049. The Company is not a law firm and does not engage in the provision of legal advice. The Company does not guarantee any particular outcome for its clients, including adjudications of visa petitions or the processing time for such petitions. Further terms and conditions, including disclosures required by statute, are set forth on our website and in our client intake forms and engagement letters.
PUB QUIZ at The Pikey!
Tuesday, April 15th
photo credit: Eileen Lee

Our pub quiz at 'The PIkey' is growing every week, so if you think you have what it takes, come and join us on a Tuesday night.  Not all questions are based on British knowledge, in fact, it pays to have a couple of non-Brits on your team! This weeks hosts are Marina Paganucci and Rob Pait!

Last weeks winning team: The Wolf Pack

Make sure to arrive by 7:30pm to grab a table.  Lots of prizes to be won.
Thursday April 17th. 

We are hosting a new weekly bingo night, Thursday at The Parlor on Melrose.  This will be anything but your typical night at the Bingo Halls.  Join the Facebook page, dig out your dabbers and come along!

From the British Consulate General, Los Angeles.
Britons resident overseas must now apply for their passports online via website .. as part of worldwide change to passport process .. and the British Consulate says “don’t leave it until the last minute to apply for your passport. You can apply up to nine months in advance and any unexpired time will be added to your new passport” ( · You can book a same day appointment in the UK for a renewal passport? However if you have lost your passport and go home on an emergency document, it can take a week for an expedited renewal: You can find your nearest Passport Customer Service Centre. Your appointment may be up to 2 weeks from the day you book it. Passport Advice line Telephone: 0300 222 0000 Textphone: 0300 222 0222 Text Relay: 18001 0300 222 0000 Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, 9am to 5:30pm Please check here for frequently asked questions.


(Now, we live in LA!!!)

We are always being asked about good dentists and I 'd like to introduce you to  Dr. Nicolas A. Ravon and Dr. Kimberley Knopf.
Who are offering  Special Offers exclusively for Brits in LA Members!
At-Home Bleaching with Custom trays and 2 tubes Bleaching product $99
Dental Prophy and Bite-wing check-up x-rays and comprehensive Exam $99
Invisalign $3900 
(must be free of active decay and infection), 
case must be approved by treating doctor.
All of these deals are applicable to insurance patients.
Click here to visit their website and book an appointment.
Or if your preferred method of contact is the telephone, you can also reach their office by calling 310-275-5325



Do you have a passion for acting? Are you serious about realizing your potential as an actor? Come and explore your imagination, text, physicality & emotionality  through techniques learned from the inspirational & internationally renowned acting coach Larry Moss. James Donovan will be teaching the class, beginning 4/15 every Tues. night from 7pm onwards at the renowned Odyssey Theatre, 2055 Sepulveda Blvd. in West Los Angeles. James has worked extensively with Larry for many years and is passionate about actors and the craft of acting. The classroom is a safe environment where you can take risks as an actor and grow into your true potential. "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." Your introductory class is free.

Brits in LA Key Members get 10% off!


starring our very own Ewan Chung!
on Redbox / iTunes / Amazon / VOD / DVD (Walmart, BestBuy etc)
If you're an Alfred Hitchcock fan, then have we got a treat for you...
From April 10 - May 15 at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, CA, the great director’s classic films, such as North By Northwest, The Man Who Knew Too Much and To Catch A Thief will be screened along with a number of infrequently screened Hitchcock movies such as 
Rich and Strange, The Skin Game and Number 17.
The special season is co-presented by the American Cinematheque and BAFTA LA's Special Events Committee whose co-chairman Sandro Monetti will be introducing some of the films.

Zephyr Theatre
Runs through to May 4th

March 29th - April 25th

Theatre 40 of Beverly Hills
Runs through to April 20th
Visit for ticket info
It's amazing how many of the streets and buildings we pass every day turn out to be locations from famous movies. Did you know that the Nightmare on Elm Street house was on Genessee Avenue in Hollywood? Pictured outside it here is Sandro Monetti who guides his next Celebrity Insider Movie Locations of LA tour on Saturday April 12. Book the top rated tour (number one on Trip Advisor) at this link and see our city from a showbiz perspective:

Thinking of moving to L.A. and need a visa or a green card?
Gil Brito of Beltran Brito has helped over 100's of Brits obtain visas into the 
USA call or email him today to find out if he can help you. or call on 305-860-4050 for a free consultation.
Bernard Sidman is a fellow Brit in LA and has helped many Brits in LA members with the immigration process and has a high success rate. He has helped many BRITS IN LA members through the citizenship application too and is very experienced and thorough. You can reach him on 
818 981 0352 or check out his website at or Email him at


Try and join us for our weekly Twitter chat along with BBCAmerica's Mind the Gap and Virgin Atlantic. We have now moved to Wednesdays at 11 am PST. You can find us by clicking on this hashtag #mindthechat


Do You Wanna Get Fit ? 
Ever considered working out with a world class personal trainer? Want to burn body fat fast with High Intensity Interval Training? Build muscle or add greater definition, have fun and learn martial arts and / or boxing along the way? 
JC says "I have many secrets tips and cheats to get you to your perfect body goal FAST! Be it a target body weight, specific muscle tone, or just that nice athletic or perfect body as you imagine it to be. In home or on location with all equipment provided. Rates $75 - $100 per session 
JC is a certified Fitness Expert with Body, Your Design Personal Training and contributor for Brits in LA.
read his latest Fitness tips and advice here 

In this area we encourage members to blow their own trumpets 
and give themselves a pat on the back! If you have an achievement you are proud of and would like to share with Brits in LA - email us here to blow your own trumpet!

Britweek Rock n Roll Night!
with Steve Cooke and celeb guests

Saturday, May 3rd 2014
7.30pm – 10.45pm
Molly Malone’s
West Hollywood.
The British invasion is back and Rock’n Roller Steve Cooke is leading the charge!
Buy tickets:

Kenneth Anger in person!
 presenting his lost version of 
Lucifer Rising featuring the music of Jimmy Page!
At the Ace Hotel, Downtown LA
April 17th - get tickets here
Memorabilia of Princess Diana and the 
Royal Family on The Queen Mary
Get discounted tickets through GOLDSTAR For only $14! 
Runs through to April 30

  Renaissance Pleasure Faire
Runs from April 5th - April 20th, 


February 4–June 8, 2014 at the Getty Center
Click here for ticket info 
If you are in London at the end of the month, make sure to go check out Blues in the Night starring the very talented Brits in LA member Paulette Ivory!
April 24th - May 4th
Watch the video here

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Excellent Customer Service
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A Demo Reel or Showreel, is one of the most powerful tools an actor can have. Yet it always surprises me how many poorly presented ones I see out there. Unprofessional or lazy editing will make the project look cheap and will reflect badly on you. 
First impressions go such a long way in this town, I'd like to say that it's all based on depth and inner beauty, but as we're the world's capital for Botox and plastic surgery, I think it's safe to say Hollywood likes something else too. We believe our work will only be as strong as its weakest link, and In a media savvy world where people make judgments in a matter of seconds, attention to detail is everything. You wouldn't hand in your Resume on a crumpled bit of paper,  you'd probably buy a folder, or possibly a portable iron. Invest in an amazing Reel. 
Right now we’re offering a whopping $100 OFF as in introductory rate. Plus additional discounts for all you lovely Brits.

*Brits In LA special*
EXTRA 10% OFF already discounted rates!
Lucinda Ellery of Beverly Hills
Hair loss solutions for women with fine and thinning hair 
20% off for Brits in LA Key Members
10% off for all Brits in LA members
Click here for her Ehow video on how to stop hair loss.

Yogaworks HAS opened in Hollywood

Great deal from Yogaworks for Brits in LA members
$100 sign up fee waived plus one free weeks trial ! If you choose to continue after your 1 free week you will get a discount on the monthly fee. Prices vary from location to location but will be about $15 off
 (except Santa Monica locations and Studio City, at this time) 
Visit their website to find a location near you. And don't forget to print off this flyer to get this fab deal!


Where to watch?!
The following pubs usually show the games.
Call in advance to confirm. 
Cock 'n Bull - Santa Monica (310) 399-9696
Fox & Hound - Studio City (818) 763-7837
Rock and Reilly's  - West Hollywood (310) 360-1400
White Harte- Woodland Hills (818) 224-3822

 The Patriates FC
Made up of Brits in LA members!
Don't forget to like LA Premier League on Facebook
and click here for their match schedule. 

Anyone for Netball?
Such a great group of Ladies. 
All ages welcome as long as you can run around for an hour straight!
If you fancy joining in the fun you can either join their Facebook group 


Book a session ASAP as he will fill up during the upcoming pilot season!
"I have used Paul many times, he has a magical way of helping me see the role clearer, 
and stops me from standing in my own way" - Craig Young, NCIS:LA, Hawaii 5.0, Fringe
1st Session is Free!

As a producer / agent in the UK, Paul Duddridge represented some of the biggest names in entertainment. Michael Mcintyre, Rob Brydon etc. He is now one of the most sought after acting coaches in Los Angeles with a reputation for turning around careers.
He helps numerous actors, comedians, directors etc with acting, coaching and visas.
contact or
First consultation is free. Mention BRITSINLA for a 25% discount. visit

Need to transfer cash internationally?
Try Torfx

Don't get frazzled with your bookkeeping have a 
pro do it for you.
Lisa has helped many Brits in LA members with their book keeping needs 

Weekly Stars by Anne Shaw
Email Anne at 
call 310-392-1681 for a private reading
Tarot and astrology! She is offering the following discounts
Brits in LA members $85
Brits in LA Key Members $75

If life at work is not all it could be look at the positive side of things as we move into mid month the planets will open news doors which you will be very pleased to open.

Your emotions are probably in a mess in regards to some area of family life. It is more than likely a past situation that has brought things up and this should be resolved once and for all now by end of the month.

With your boss planet Mercury in Aries .You would be wise to not use up all your energy before mid next week then life gets hectic. Lately it all work and no play so leave time to relax.

You may be letting go of what you consider the past, it may be for you not for others so be cool when you may be asked to explain something .It won’t go away this by refusing.

You may be in the mood to get far from the madding crown and you will as soon as what you must take care of. Hey by then you will have sorted out the home repair situation.

This past week or so for you has not been as easy going as you would like or need
 This is because everything is” Tipsy Turvy” in the planets however next week starts out better.


The planet Mars is still sitting in your life and is stet to sit still until mid year. This will be a time now for clearing up and out of any thing that is not working.This is spring cleaning time for you.


With Mercury in Aries and Mars your boss going backwards chances are you are feeling blue or blah. Before this gets to take over your life make time out and about with good friends and relax this weekend.

Your boss Jupiter is sitting in Cancer your money area, so be good as he will be watching your latest spending habits .The clue is that its time to take a break  so budget for a getaway next month.

The sun in Aries currently will assist you to get the job done as this week ahead is a great opportunity to complete an overdue project that has been neglected; it’s probably in your home base.

 You are probably feeling a little overwhelmed these past few days or so. This is due the rare lineup of planets gathering for the first time in centuries. Keep a low profile until late month.
.The family is much on your mind and if you learn to live in the moment things will work out quicker and with less stress. A situation you were worried about is not going to be so bad .The rare line up of planets is helping a healing in some areas of life.


And now for something completely different.

DISCLAIMER: Brits in LA, Inc are in no way responsible for any transactions made between readers and businesses that advertise with us. On occasion we may recommend any of our said advertisers, either because we have used their services and like them or they have been recommended by our members. Brits in LA is a free group/ forum (we do not charge you a fee to be a member)  by agreeing to be a member of this group and forum you agree to not implicate Brits In LA, Inc in any legal matters you may find yourselves in with our advertisers or recommendation that we may make. (It is your own responsibility to research and checkout all companies that you want to go into business with. (Not ours.)
If you do not agree to these terms, please remove yourself from the group.
Our advertisers are important to us to keep Brits in LA running daily. We do our homework and we recommend you also do yours. Please seek independent advice before taking on any financial contract


  1. In last few years there's an increase in number of people who adopted the pets for various reasons an it's really good for pets as now they get some shelter and people also opted for the pet insurance for their pets after adoption.

  2. We always encourage people to adopt rather than buy from a breeder. So many dogs need homes, it seems wrong not to!


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