Weekly Stars by Annie Shaw - 04/26/14

Weekly Stars by Annie Shaw


It’s the time to plan ahead for a trip in early next month. This may be pleasure or business ideally it should be a bit of both. Keep an eye on your diet this month ahead for health sake.

Your priority should be taking care of you in any area that requires attention. and this may be your health as your ruler Venus is going backwards so any area of your life that requires attention shows. Happy Birthday

If you feel you need to make a move in settling some kind of work or emotional situation now is the time. You may not be sure how will be received however bite the bullet It’s the right now it will be easier as the week proceeds.

You will have to be aware this next week to not speak out of turn or harshly to any one .The consequences are long reaching for you especially if it’s a close friend or family .Be sure you buy some lottery tickets you could be lucky!!

This is a time for the inner strength to reveal  itself as you are going to be a busy bee this next month ahead Life just is very good for you at the moment so take advantage .

Its time for a trip and short or long near or far matters not as you benefit from the change of scenery. Just make sure you have caught up with what ever is unfinished and then get going.

Relationships are highlighted this month as Mars visiting you and is going in a backwards  stroll so make sure you are as charming as you can be and with the right people. Any unresolved issues are due for a review!

.It is a long time since such beneficial planets have affected you in both positive and on a learning curve. Expect past unresolved people to appear in person and maybe in your dreams to help the process.

If you are worried about finances and are not doing anything to change the situation then it will make you crazy and with a lot of action happening in this area of finances for you
 this month ahead there are opportunities to make the change for sure.

You may be feeling a bit restless or not in balance, this is due to line up of planets currently affecting you. They are conspiring to let you know something in your life is out of sorts in any area. You will do better after the end of this month.

Your judgment in a long term situation is way out and this week if you allow you’re self to go the same route as before all is a waste of time, be cool wait and see if you can change your mind and change the outcome!

.Neptune King of the underworld sitting in your life for a long visit ahead brings financial rewards and also as Venus is also living with you lets see who you can attract. As it is a very Karmic time!


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