Feeling the heat yet? -- Then you might want to try freezing this Summer. Seriously freeze your buns off with Cryo -The latest craze to hit LA. My friends Carlos Leon and Maria Elena Infantino took me last Friday, and it was the perfect antidote to combat the heat and a slight hangover, plus with it's healing and anti-aging properties, I was set for the day --

Carlos, Maria Elena & moi right after our sesh.
In fact it took at least three hours for my bum to warm up. "Recover...Rejuvenate...Revitalize" is their slogan and it promises just that. In fact; there were three basketball players from the Clippers in there breezing in as if it was a sauna. One talking about how it had healed his torn shoulder completely. I'm a serious wuss when it comes to the cold, I mean why did i move to LA for goodness sake? - My Dad worked as a butcher, when i was growing up and I used to have a recurring nightmare that I'd get trapped in the deep freeze with only hanging carcasses as friends. - Well luckily at Cryo Healthcare   there is a bevy of qualified staff to make sure that doesn't happen.
Image courtesy of Cryo Healtcare

 I should at this stage point out that this type of "health care" isn't covered by health insurance. (YET.) Instead treat it like going to to the tanning salon, as they offer special packages to suit your needs - Price ranges from $65 a session (2 mins) up to an unlimited package of $499 a month. - Not cheap and the results remain to be seen. However it sort of makes sense to me, when you think about where bacteria and disease live; in the heat and humidity. So freezing therapy seems, for all intended purposes will or should have the opposite effect. (Don't quote me, I'm not a doctor. Seek proper medical advice for all ailments. May suffer frostbite or loss of a nose if you stay in too long. ;-)) 


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