June 21th, 2014
photo by dawn bowery

Due to adverse planetary activity affecting the water signs this past few weeks you will be not as in good spirits recently as you normally are. If you look inside for the answer to what made you feel not good you will see that its all in the lesson learned.

If you want to change anything waiting around for others to make the first move is not a good idea. Your lucky ruler Jupiter is in on the move to Leo soon and will give you the fortitude to hang on until decisions are made for the good.

.You are the most responsible sign of the Universe usually, however even you are allowed time out and as Jupiter is moving in your opposite  sign  so its time to play a little. Just be sure you let those that matter you are only taking a well deserved break.

 You are probably feeling a bit frustrated this week .Well that’s life for you so take a break and do not let your duties frustrate you .If you did not have a purpose in life it would be very dull for you.

The planets are really on your side this month ahead, also the summer solstice is going to give you some much needed energy. You can take the horse to the trough this week ahead however you can not make it jump over hoops .!

It’s the time to plan ahead for a trip in early August. This may be a move also 
and as its best planned at least in part before mid July make sure you are setting things in order. You are already in holiday mode.

Your priority should be taking care of you in any area that requires attention as your life style is somewhat hectic lately or any area of your life that requires attention it will shows up.

If you feel you need to make a move in settling some kind of emotional situation but are not sure how will be received right now it will be easier as the week proceeds.
Take care you follow up on any commitments to close family or friends.

You will have to be aware this next week to not speak out of turn or harshly to any one .The consequences are long reaching for you especially if it’s a close friend or family .The summer solstice on the 21st is good for you .Happy Birthday.

 This is a time for being in gratitude for all that has transpired in the last weeks.
You may have had a difficult journey to this point; however life is smooth and moving ever nearer to more of the same. The summer solstice gives you energy.

Its time for you to let go of helping others at the expense of yourself. If you take this next three weeks ahead and practice no telling what can happen that’s positive.
You are due to get a good surprise by July!


Relationships are highlighted this month as your Ruler Venus is going in for a stroll  in this area  of life for you so make sure you are as charming as you can be and with the right people. You also have to make sure you are balanced in every area of life this next couple of weeks. 


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