Weekly Stars by Annie Shaw - 05/03/14

Weekly Stars by Annie Shaw


In any relationship situation please keep a handle on that famous Ram temper as it will cause more problems especially since your boss Mars is going backwards in the partnership area and it will rebound on you if you don’t!!!

Your priority should be taking care of you in any area that requires attention. and start with what you know is well overdue .On the upside you can expect a call from a love interest so be ready. Happy Birthday

If you feel you need to make more strides in life in what ever area effects you. You not moving to fast no matter how hard you try until mid June so take everything in life as it comes and be cool.

You are always the sign that holds on to feelings good and bad and also material things also .This is the time to clear out unwanted stuff in both areas and move forward lighter.

Yes this is a time for the inner crank to show itself for some of you who are not participating in life as you know you can. The sun in Taurus the bull will help you slow down and take life a bit slower and discover peace.

Its time for a trip and short or long near or far matters not as you benefit from the change of scenery. Just make sure you have caught up with what ever is unfinished and not everything does!!!!


The planet of Fire Mars  has been sitting in your life stationery  however he will be stirring things up in  for you more than ever by mid  next month .So if you have thing you need to be working on  get moving now.

Jupiter the luck bringer will be blessing you lots in the coming weeks as he sits in your cousin sign of Cancer .This being your house of good luck financially so let’s get ready to receive. A person of interest romantically could turn up.

Just watch that temper if things don’t always go the way you planned life is an adventure.
and you need to remember that child like quality which is so unique to you. You may be
Going along slower than you like as your boss Jupiter is swimming in water now.

.This could be the month that it all comes together or goes out the window it is entirely up to you how you make it work oh and listening to your inner voice is the clue.You have the sun in an Earth sign Taurus which will benefit you overall.

You will always get back what you put out and just be careful you don’t say to much to another  that can really blow your plans .Keep your thoughts or judgments to your self is best. You have many good points that others seem not to notice they will soon.

You are reputed to be the most romantic soul of all the signs so this week proves it if not to another then to your self. Your ruler Neptune can bring up a lot of stuff lain dormant in your life while he is in your life so be ready.


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