Weekly Stars by Annie Shaw - 05/10/14

Weekly Stars by Annie Shaw


A trip in June its best planned at least in part before mid week to make sure you are setting things in order. The  planet Venus is in your life now is good news all round especially good news for cash flow.

Your priority should be taking care of you in any area that requires attention. and this may be your health as your ruler Venus is visiting your health area for a while so any area of your life that requires attention shows up now. Happy Birthday

If you feel you need to make a move in settling some kind of past emotional situation but are not sure how will be received right now it will be easier as the week proceeds. Jupiter sailing in calm waters in your life will assist you.

You will have to be aware this next week to not speak out of turn or harshly to any one .The consequences are long reaching for you especially if it’s a close friend or family. Now is a good time to clean out any unwanted “stuff” in your life

Yes this is a time for the inner show person to reveal itself for some of you who are not participating in life as you know you can. The fact is that your attention span is short currently so when the opportunity appears go for it this is the time.

Its time for a change of scenery near or far matters not as you benefit from the change of scenery. Just make sure you have caught up with what ever is unfinished because as can expect to be much busier next few weeks.

Relationships are highlighted this month as your Ruler Venus is going for stroll around your relationships, so make sure you are as charming as you can be and with the right people it could reap rewards.

Its will be one those weeks when a lot is going on and it’s difficult to stay cool. You can always manage regardless .It will not be last forever, so with this in mind tackle any area of life you have to with out delay .A relationship problem will resolved soon.

If you want to change anything waiting around for others to make the first move is not a good idea. Mars your fiery cousin in an air sign will give you the power to follow through. The eclipse this past week has brought some thing to your door you have to tackle now.

You may be feeling tired out worn down so it is likely as usual you are doing too much work ,you are allowed time out. The Eclipse in your cousin sign Taurus was tough for emotions this week and next.

 You are probably feeling a bit frustrated this week .Well that’s life for you so take a break from responsibilities at least from some of them. You will receive credit from your peers. A hobby you enjoy keeps you sane mostly.

The planets are really on your side this month however as with all water signs  you get a tad emotional due to Neptune the king of the ocean being involved in your life for some time now. You need to move forward with some thing this can be in any area of life.


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