Weekly Stars by Annie Shaw 5/16/2014

Weekly Stars By Annie Shaw

The financial situation for you could be getting a boost as early as the mid week.
This week ahead a massive joining of planets in your sign can bring up a lot of unfinished business so best to keep a low profile.

The sun is moving out from under you and into your money area next week and could bring several areas to the front.  If any situation that is unresolved takes note its best to deal with this promptly. Happy Birthday.

You will be travelling emotionally or otherwise to a place where you can put things in order in which ever area needs it. Be sure to follow through on any promises. Now is the time to plan forward.

Movement is good for you and this week it’s all around you and in the air.
 You crabs don’t like to be confronted with out warning so it’s best to keep those famous verbal nips under control. Especially next week.

Health and diet is much on your mind as the summer months approach so hats off to you if you make it your priority and spend time relaxing not stressing. You should be feeling ready for change.

As this mid month is good to get any thing accomplished. Make sure you 
  prioritize what best to finish up first .You will likely have a list and as is often 
 your habit, however taking action is the clue.

All is not as its seems. This coming week you may be confronted by another who has issues of their own, with this in mind be cool under pressure. The people you surround yourself with should be positive not negative this month.

Ok it’s all too much sometimes Saturn in your life is moving backwards and like a farm 
plough raking up all the stuff lying beneath the surface. You have also had to deal with last week full moon in Scorpio. It’s definitely better mid week.

Be sure you pay attention to any thing or person who you perceive is acting strange or appears not as normal. It may or may not be your problem in the end, however a friendly chat can help them and make you and them feel good.

The massive meeting of two large planets affecting you directly can rock the earth and you in some part of life this next week .The only thing you can do is to fix  what you know is not working in any area of life .It is best to lay low for a few days.

You are likely in a funky mood this past few days, this is especially true of those of you who are intuitive .This is likely due to the planets stirring up old memories for you. It will be good for you is to exercise a little more.

 As Neptune makes his way through your life he is bringing to the surface the parts of life that are unfinished business for you .If you can take a trip away from the madding crowd so much the better for you.

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