Meet Annie McQueen from Sheffield (via London) who moved to LA 6 years ago as a Singer/Songwriter
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Was there a particular reason you chose LA ?
My partner TJ Ramini is an actor and was ready to take on Hollywood after doing various TV shows in England, and I thought 'why not'?
I'd done the live circuit gigging around London and was up for a change!

What one thing do you miss from home?
Public transport! I really miss not being able to jump on the tube to get around; being in the car all the time is a bit solitary, although I actually love driving in LA; much easier than London! You really get a feel for the people of a city if you use the public transport. For the first 2 years in LA I didn't drive, so I took the buses everywhere and observed some amazing characters along the way. It's also a good way of learning the map of the city.

What do you find the biggest difference is living here versus the UK?
Space. Theres so much of it! When I first arrived here I couldn't believe how much space per person there was! I can literally walk 2 blocks in Santa Monica and not pass a sole, quite a difference to Oxford Street! When I first moved to LA I was a little overwhelmed with just how big everything is; I felt really small! (granted, I'm only 5 Feet 2 and 3/4 tall anyway!) The width of the streets, roads, size of buildings etc but now I'm so used to it, I really notice how small everything is back home. Well, quaint!

Do you have a hidden gem in LA that you want to share with us?
I'm not sure this is considered as hidden, but its a bit of a gem; when having to take the 405 (North or South) during rush hour, consider taking Sepulveda instead. The amount of times I've whizzed up or down Sepulveda alongside a 405 chocked full of traffic without sitting bumper to bumper for an hour. It's a bit windy but still quicker than the alternative.

What would you suggest to others who are thinking about making the move 
here ? 
Save lots of money and do your research. Come and do a couple of reckies and find a really good immigration lawyer. Immerse yourself in reading about what you need to make the move; Visa's etc, and if you can come in and work in the industry of your choice. It's not easy! But do-able if you're organized and committed. 

You can find out more about Annie and hear her music by clicking on the links below


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