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“Here We Go Again” ……………………. the World Cup finals in Brazil is what we’ve waited four years for……………but are they like any other finals???????
The answer is NO…… these are by far the most controversial and socially aware World Cup finals with arguments within FIFA the world’s football governing body and allegations of corruption over the whereabouts of the World Cup in 2022! Also the people of Brazil are in turmoil. There have been protests and strikes by the people who are existing in a country that has been ravaged by cuts to public spending and education. Its a country that has lived with this kind of poverty and with pretty much all the wealth laying with 3% of the population….the rest make do with what they have.
The people of Brazil make the country VERY special and their welcoming and humble attitudes means they strive to show everyone that visits a great time and want you to leave there with a smile on your face and memories you will never forget. Football fans will be gathering around every television wether it be in the favela or in a plush bar. This is the WORLD CUP and it will be uniting people all over the world in their love of the game that has been mastered and embellished by the host nation.
NOTE to all our Brits in LA familiars…………….by WORLD we mean …………..THE WORLD……….that even includes Australia : O )……….Do I have to mention World Series…NO!
So now onto the sausage and pesto mash of what we are really getting into here its time to get the fridge full of beer and some Marmite crisps and and get the swear jar out as we all become the next England manager and indeed start stripping off our tracksuits wanting to run onto the pitch and show them really how its done!
I’ve heard it all now that the last time England won the World Cup in 1966, Real Madrid won the European Cup…tick, Athletico Madrid won the Spanish League….tick, Austria won the Eurovision Song Contest …..tick and a team 2-0 down in the FA Cup Final went on to win it….tick. We will cling onto anything to relive our glory days again. The England team I’m afraid is a side in transition and after seeing both warm up games end in draws with all the players suffering because of the humidity and heat. I think it will be a very lucky England side that makes it out of the initial group stage and we can only hope that the Italian’s form will carry on its downward trajectory and that Uruguay's star striker Luis ” The Beaver” Saurez fails to make the game after his recent knee surgery bearing in mind he was the Premierships top scorer and is experienced with dismantling an English defence. Costa Rica are our best chance to get some points on the board. BUT never say never again as the James Bond film says and lets keep everything crossed for a repeat of 1966 : O )
A HUGE factor in these particular games is the weather and the humidity and given this you would presume that this gives the South American and African teams an advantage. . Brazil is just a little smaller than Australia and our lads have to fly 5 hours from Rio to even get there so the distances between a lot of the venues will play a part in the general health and well being of every team. 
Who will be the individual player that will be remembered in this World Cup???????? Its down to Ronaldo v Messi, with Christiano Ronaldo in superb form for club and country and Lionel Messi the little Argentine who people seem to think has been saving himself for these finals. Or could it be one of the plethora of young talent from Belgium who seem to be everybody’s dark horse team. 
In fact this a very open finals tournament with Brazil being the favourites and the fact its being played in the holy land of football.

These are my predictions for the group stages : 

Group A with Brazil, Mexico, Croatia and Cameroon should see The Samba Boys and the Croats go through.
Group B with Spain, Chile, Holland and Australia……….the current world champs The Paella Boys Spain and those Clog-Wearing Dutch.
Group C with Colombia, Ivory Coast, Greece and Japan…….. the Ivorians led by Didier Drogba and The Souvlaki Boys Greece.
Group D with Uruguay, Costa Rica, Italy and England!!!!……… my money is on Uruguay and LETS AVE IT!!!!!! The Three Lions : O )
Group E with Switzerland, Ecuador, France and Honduras……….. even though its South America….. The Cuckoo Boys Switzerland and those baguette-munching bad boys France.
Group F with Argentina, Bosnia, Iran and Nigeria…………The Argies and the Nigerians will coast through this group.
Group G with Germany, Portugal, Ghana and the US of A……….The original group of death has to be Ze Germans and the Portuguese with Ronaldo…sorry USA : O (
Group H with Belgium, Russia, Algeria and South Korea……… My team of the tournament Belgium and those lads from Russia.

OK its time to get my England strip on and warm up for tonights opening ceremony and first match…………………………SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

X Steve

The opinions expressed in this post aren't necessarily the opinions of The Anglo Files 

(we think England will win!!) 


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