In any relationship situation you will find that what ever was a problem will begin to ease up as Mars your boss moves forward into your money area of life. This will be in the middle of July so hang on and keep cool.

Your priority should be taking care of you in any area that requires attention. and be aware that mercury the planet of all communications will be on your case mid month if you resist. Now that Jupiter is in your house of family expect visits.

The sun in your money house can bring out a very generous side of you and it also favors getting a handle on any part of life or person that is causing you problems or upset. Your rascally ruler Mercury is going is moving fast forward now.

The consequences are long reaching for you  fall out with another especially if it’s a close friend or family .Its best to say nothing at all right now and then  it will fizzle out for now any way.! Happy Birthday

You are the lucky one this month ,Jupiter, who is the gift bringer and Santa Claus of the planets is on his way to you and is  visiting for a year .Make merry this is a super year for you overall .You need to take a few days rest this week ahead .

You your behavior may be very upsetting to others around you lately , every time you start to obsess about something you cannot control you project it outwards. On the upside that longtime on hold deal of any kind will probably complete by months end.


If you have any thing you need to finish up this next week is the time. After that you are super busy and making money is much on your mind. The fact is that you will manifest what you put positive energy into! 

Stress is the predominant force around you these days and worry is a big part of what causes stress .Take it easy, relax and know if you have tried your best at whatever is important in life for you then that’s all you can do .Jupiter is moving in to Leo next week very good for achieving things you desire.

You are likely busier than you thought or will be by mid month .Do not overextend yourself or overdo things. It’s a month to catch up with things not start any thing new if you can possibly hold of until month end  then life will be easier.

This could be the week that you lose it or regain it whatever this means to you it is entirely up to you how you make it work Jupiter is soon leaving your opposite sign Cancer and moving into fire sign Leo. This can bring to the surface any power struggles!!

Keep your life stress free this month and plans should be in process for a trip of sorts although late this month or August is best. Work should be improved by autumn and its best to lets things take a natural course. Don’t try to achieve too much at once!

You are seeing the rewards of past efforts to settle your self in to a better way of being in this Topsy Turvy life we are all experiencing these days. If you can be mellow until August, life picks up in many ways for the better. Jupiter will bring Joy to you then.

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