Weekly Horoscope with Anne Shaw

What is in store for you this week....?



A friend is really not having a good experience in life and needs your support and the sun in your cousin sign Leo will bring you the energy to help. This coming week it’s about family or who you consider such. 

Time to get moving and grooving and start the week in good form and energy.
You will have the Sun shining on you for pleasant recreation. This is not for career situations until the end of August. Hope is good feeling!

What can you achieve this week is up to how willing you are to make the right call to the right person on time .Hold off on major decisions until the end of August as your boss Mercury will direct you in a good direction then.

If you continue to hold on to grudges you will be on the wrong end of the stick
this week in a situation that will require you to keep your temper .The Sun in your money house however is a gift bringer.

The powerful sun in your own sign is in a good mood this month so you should begin the month finishing of any thing not finished from the whole of the year so far.
Happy Birthday to you and Mr. Obama.

Any task or job unfinished will be easier to deal with after the 15th of this month. Hopefully you will spare time to relax and play until then. Work picks up nearer September so hang on until then.


Travel is much on your mind and this can make you a bit antsy if you cannot get away right now. The fact is that other things are on your plate so bite the bullet and wait until September. It will be much easier all round then.

Life feels a little heavy going these days, however that is just a feeling not the fact.  
 There is always a reason for anything so it is up to you to discover what the most important lesson you can learn now is.  However you will get an answer this month.

Your boss Jupiter is sitting in your cousin sign Leo, so be good as he will be watching you and hoping you wont let  go of that impulse regarding any thing that’s not good for 
you to take over this coming month.

Mars in Scorpio will assist you to get the job done as this month is a great opportunity to decide on a long overdue decision in any area. In the mean time be seen out and about looking your best. You have to lighten up and show your best side.

 You are probably feeling like a break away so even if you can get out of town take time out in the garden or walk on the beach .If you can anticipate the best thing you desire it is possible later this month.

.Financial situations are   much on your mind and if you learn Rome was not built in a day things will work much easier for you. If some one around you is acting out their drama remember it’s not yours .Do not react to it!!

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