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Stargazing with Annie Shaw

ARIES: Your financial situation could be getting a boost as early as mid-week. Look for an opportunity to add to your bank account. It’s also a good week for a cleanout of whatever needs it.
TAURUS:  The Jupiter is now in Leo and can make you sit up and take notice. Regardless there is an opportunity to bring some stability to any area where needed…even if it is only a mind set to turn around. After July ends work will be busier.
GEMINI: Your life is changing yet again, so be prepared to get whatever needs to be completed, including clearing up any unfinished business of any kind that has transpired in your life this past few months. You will be travelling more then normal.
CANCER: Movement is good for you and this week it’s all around you and the family. Be strong and understand you can do whatever you wish, the clue is to make sure you don’t hold on to feelings or things that are not positive. Happy Birthday.
LEO: It is the time to tackle your agenda but prioritize relaxing, not stressing on what is not possible. You have Jupiter (also known as Santa Claus) in your life for a year ahead. What a great Happy Birthday gift.
VIRGO: As this week moves forward fast be sure you are ready and willing to get going on your particular plan for a breakaway from routine. If it is a change in work or home it will be much easier now that you have the power of Jupiter supporting you.
LIBRA: With Mercury going forward and the mighty Jupiter assisting you in the part of your life that demands you make decisions, forward progress will be much easier now. But don’t procrastinate now or your will have to scramble later on…..
SCORPIO: You are ready for action and as this current planet lineup will assist you to complete what is needed in the year ahead. You should be dressed and ready to celebrate this week as Jupiter entering the high point of your sign will bring new and better work and social opportunities.
SAGITTARIUS: You could be feeling a bit moody or out of sorts due to Mercury acting up in your area of deep feelings. Know this: what you reap is what you sow and this would be a good time to start thinking positive in all areas. Jupiter your boss is in a great place now.
CAPRICORN: Your financial situation is still not what you want, however in order to achieve a positive cashflow you must be prepared to look at how you think you are. If you are feeling in lack then it will continue. Jupiter will help a lot in this area.
AQUARIUS: It’s your decision on how you start the next week. If you want to change anything (as is normal) be sure to clear out of your life what is dead wood and leave the space ready to be filled by what you do desire going forward.
PISCES: You may be specially accident-prone this week and next so take it easy when out and about. If you need extra cash, however, be sure to have a flutter before next week as this a lucky period financially for you. Venus in Cancer is especially good for you overall.

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