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Hi Everyone, 
How are you? How many times do you find yourself being asked this question without the other person waiting for a real response? Or perhaps you are culprit of this too?  Often people say it just to be polite or out of habit, before they jump into what they really want to ask you. I’m ashamed to say that I catch myself doing it all the time, but I have decided to make a real effort, even if it means I get bombarded with lists of ailments! 
I do think we need to counteract all  the horrid fighting going on around the world and take a leaf out of Pope Francis’ book.Treat those around us with a little bit more care and consideration, as it is so easy to take friends and family for granted. I am not at all religious, but I love this Pope! He just released his top 10 tips for achieving personal happiness. It’s full of simple and fairly obvious pointers, like “Live and let live’ or “ Sunday is for family’ , but there are a couple of surprises too. 
My favorite was “We can inspire others through witness so that one grows together in communicating. But the worst thing of all is religious proselytism, which paralyzes: “ 
It really is inspiring to witness someone of such a high ranking and so much influence,  actually practice what they preach and particularly refreshing  for a head of a religious body to request that his community don’t pressure their neighbors to convert to Catholicism. Pope Francis is planning a trip to the US in 2015 - however much I admire him, I still don’t want a Pope-mageddon in LA! Click here for the complete list of his happiness tips.
You can even follow him on Twitter!

Craig is still off on his travels - make sure to follow his jaunt on Instagram @CRAIGYOUNG26 He has posted some gorgeous pictures of London tourist attractions, including one of my favorites, The Tower of London with its the stunning ceramic poppy installation - it is there till November 11th and is to mark the centenary of WW1. 

You can purchase one of the actual poppies via their website (I just bought one- very quick and easy plus they ship worldwide) at all proceeds go to six service charities and won’t be shipped until the installation closes on Rememberence Sunday aka Poppy Day. 

Pikey Pub Quiz Winners
Pub Quiz is on hiatus for the rest of the Summer, but we promise to bring it back in the Autumn. In the mean time we still have our weekly Breakfast Club at Cecconi’s every Tuesday morning from 9.30-11 , plus a Sunday Roast scheduled for August 24th. All details can be found on our website or feel free to drop me a line at via email 

Don’t forget to check out our Members Corner , lots great events coming up including two plays about Marilyn Monroe (this weeks featured Meet A Member , Erin Gavin is in one of them) plus the very talented Maria Elena Infantino and Ewan Chung are back at Sofitel (8555 Beverly Blvd opposite the Beverly Center) next Tuesday August 12th  ,8pm.  
Look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon.


Tuesday August 12th

Opens September 5th at The Working Stage, Hollywood

Opens August 15th at the Macha Theatre Weho 


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