Emmy Awards and Holiday?!?

Holidays and Emmy Award Season

Me with Michael Di Girolamo and Diane Lane at the Heifer international event mimicking Diane’s famous pose. 

Congrats to all the Brits who won big at the Emmy’s this past week including, Martin freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch and Stephen Moffatt. I went to a few events last week including Heifer International’s A PLACE AT THE TABLE honoring my good friend Ian Somerhalder and Diane Lane at the stunning Montage hotel in Beverly Hills. I was seated with the beautiful Pop star Nikki Lund and Fitness expert Sharon Yates, The British Weekly’s Sean Borg, Station Film’s Michael Di Girolamo who won the signed photograph of Diane Lane in the live auction, (see pic) The UKares Foundation’s CEO Fiona Harden and John Scott from Heifer International. The star studded event raised close to $100,000 for the fantastic charity that provides women in third world countries the gift of livestock and teaches them how to be sustainable and grow a business. visit their website at www.heifer.org to see how you can get involved.

I was also fortunate enough to be invited to the BAFTA Los Angeles Emmy TV Tea party, celebrating all the nominees. co-hosted by Jaguar and BBC America. It was held at the SLS hotel garden in Beverly Hills. It was so nice to see so many Brits in LA members there. Our very own Sandro Monetti, Don Haber, Bryan Bowen and actor John Mawson drinking tea and all looking very dapper. 
(3 beau-TEAS) Fitness guru Sharon Yates with actresses Hayley Williams and Joanna Hawkins at BAFTA’S Emmy TV TEA Party -

Also present was Brit actresses Tehmina Sunny, Nadia Jordan, Hayley Williamson and Joanna Hawkins drinking champagne with celebrity fitness expert Sharon Yates. The lovely Shirley Greene, Julia Verdin, Christine Peake, Louise Hart and Louisa Spring all looking beautiful and summery. The Great food, cocktails and a gorgeous ride from Jaguar in the new XJS supercharged SWB from the R-Series. A villain has to arrive in style right?

Arriving for the BAFTA Tea Party in style; courtesy of the Jaguar XJS Supercharged SWB
(Source: Cjarley Gallay/ Getty images)

What could be more fitting for the Summer holidays

Holidays! That’s a funny word ins’t it? Even after 15 years of being here, the language barrier between us still sometimes throws me for a loop. Sometimes i unconsciously find myself Americanizing (is that even a word?) words, for example “Can i get…” instead of “Please may I have…” Put it in the trash", "turn on the faucet," "Open the trunk”,  "Use the correct flatware" instead of cutlery, I’ve even started adapting the accent in certain cases. In restaurants… Water has become "WAR-DERRR" and Route has becoming "ROW-T” this was never more obvious than during a recent trip back home. Family members ribbing (taking the mick of) me about how many times I used ‘like' in a sentence.  I think this all started when i adopted my dog a few years back, she wouldn’t respond to commands unless i said them with a twang.  My best Barbara Woodhouse “Walkies” impression had no impact, but as soon as i said “Shall we go for a WARK”  her ears prick up and she headed straight for the door. So I’d put on her ‘leash’ (see what i did there?) and off we’d go for our hike.(again!) Anyway this got me thinking about the word Holidays. To us back home, it’s that glorious two weeks we get off during the kids school hols. A fortnight in Majorca, a caravan in Skegness, Sticky vicky in Benidorm. (okay, I’ll stop now, you’re probably eating breakfast.) While in the American vernacular, it simply means that period between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. To me, seems more like 'work' than a holiday. Christmas shopping, Decorating, Family obligations, Office parties,( I know, I know, Bah-humbug.) I need a holiday after all that. Or as the locals say ‘A vacation’ ;-) So now that kids here are back to school and summer is coming to an end, i know it’s hard to believe with this terrible weather we are having here. I add with much sarcasm. Make sure you make the most of it… Outdoor screenings, picnics at the beach, go discover all that california has to offer. It’s a lot! 




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