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STARS #1                    HAPPY JULY THE 4TH !!!

If life at work is not all it could be look at the positive side of things as we move into the end of the  month the planet of luck Jupiter will open new doors which you will enjoy opening

Your emotions are probably in a mess in regards to some area of life. It is more than likely a past situation that has brought things up and this will be resolved for your highest good come mid July

Take time out maybe with a trusted friend and figure out what direction you need to follow in your personal life for the best long term outcome .Some of your life is in order, some needs more order.

Just when you thought all was in order the past can up and bite you when you least expect and more importantly by some one you least expected to bite .Even so be happy and enjoy your birthday.

You may be involved in a family drama that has you tearing around in anger or hurt. Stop!  Look at what the problems are causing you to feel health wise and then decide to carry on or let go.

Because everything in life is a lesson and you may need to relearn this particular lesson again. So bite the bullet and make this a priority.


Venus your boss had great meetings latterly with Jupiter the planet of good luck. With this in mind go forward with any grand plans they likely will transpire for you.

Jupiter in your life in the sign of Leo  will bring all sorts of unfinished things to your attention even a   recent disappointment can turn  around in a positive and uplifting way .Its time to enjoy life in the moment.

Just watch that temper if things don’t always go the way you planned, life is like that 
Sometimes .You may not be doing what you planned, however you are in the right place as your boss Jupiter kisses Venus.

This could be the month that it all your hopes can begin to transpire it is entirely up to you how you make it work so patience should be your key word currently and going forward into the July life will be kinder .

You will always get back what you put out and just be careful you don’t say to much to another  that can upset your long term plans. Keep your life stress free this year and see the seeds of a better life grow.

You are reputed to be the most romantic soul of all the signs so this week prove it if not to another then to your self .Jupiter moving in your  in your relationship house soon for the year ahead brings a lot of changes.


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