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Stargazing with Annie Shaw


Please keep a low profile this month as the planets are preparing to move forward swiftly .They will start benefiting you in February and so best thing all round is to not begin any thing you cannot finish before end of this month.

What a change in pace you are due for and in order to prepare for this
second wind you have to clear all unfinished tasks to make space for the new.
By the end of this month you will be able to chill out a little.

Time to plan a trip long or several shorter ones .As all of this is happening in the first part of the week make a space for catching up. Mercury your boss moving backwards will bring up any unfinished business.

To not bend in the wind  when its stormy can damage the tree and since you are not  remotely like the tree  you will be in worse shape if you are not pliant in some emotional situation you are dragging along behind!

Mars the fire planet in Aquarius will bring a situation to a head in your life possibly
in any financial area in your life or of those close to you. The good news is if you 
take control now you will be in good shape by February.

Any frustrations you have in any area of life most likely the work arena will not 
get better by taking your frustrations out on others around you .It is always best to treat others as you would wanted to be treated yourself. 

You are ready to for a very new and healthier life style and it’s right on  
time for the New Year. Once you can decide what your plan of action is the hardest part is to not procrastinate. The outcome will be especially beneficial if you follow through

Life is slowly but surely becoming more settled than for some months past overall. .Life will be even better when you take care of what is not completed. You can then expect long awaited plans on hold for you to blossom before the end of the month.

Your boss Jupiter is sitting in Leo sleeping and as he likes being busy this means for you that things you want to finish up with will take longer than you want .The good news is 
 that it will get done by the end of the month you will be busier and more active than for the last six months.

The sun in your sign brings more action for your attention this weekend and can assist you to get the job done. This month is a great opportunity to look at what you want for the coming year .Pluto living with you is still digging up the path to changes .It is worth following his lead. Happy Birthday!

 You are probably feeling like a break away so even its time in the garden or walk on the beach it will work. This is not the time to neglect your duty or work; however next week will be better. Mars is visiting you so he will light life up soon.

In order to experience happier days its time to be honest about any feelings that are much on your mind and then let others know what on your mind. If you learn to live in the moment things will work out so much better. 

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