Meet A Member : Maria Elena Infantino

Not all Brits in LA members are Brits - Meet Maria Elena who hails from Italy, and moved from Rome 2.5 years ago to pursue acting and singing ( if you haven't seen her sing live we highly recommend her show) !

Photography: Michael Douglass

Was there a particular reason you chose LA ?

Life just brought me here and I followed its advice gladly!

What one thing do you miss from home?

Not much... I really feel like LA is my spot on earth!

photography: Eileen Lee
What do you find the biggest difference is living here versus the UK (or Italy in your case!) ?

The weather of course, and going to the theatre is not the same experience as in London's West End!

Do you have a hidden gem in LA that you want to share with us?

I really like going to the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills for brunch on sundays , you can eat as much as you like for $75...not the cheapest option,but really fun!!!

photography: Four Seasons
What would you suggest to others who are thinking about making the move here ? 

If you are committed and believe in what you want, then LA is the place! Everyone is always so helpful and positive!
It is a tough city but you have to live it with philosophy!

Lastly , how can we find you on the Internet ? 


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