Not all Brits in LA Members live in Los Angeles: In fact a fair number are scattered around the globe. 

This week’s Meet a Member is  Paul Terry who lives on the Isle of Wight, England. He is a website designer and founder of

Seeing as you don’t live in Los Angeles how did you end up joining Brits in LA?
Well, Its a long story! But the short story is, I had completed websites for members of Seal’s band including Brits in LA member Steve Sidelnyk. Steve introduced me to Craig and Eileen “The founders of BLA” so In turn I then created the Brits in La website along with The Toscars site. I have also created sites for many other Brits in La members including David Bull, Willi Patterson, Gayle Davidson to name but a few. I have now been a member for over 4 years.

Have you ever visited Los Angeles - if so we would love to hear what your impression of LA is?
Yes, I have been to La a few times. The most recent time, I travelled over especially for the Toscars event held in February 2012. I had an amazing time meeting up with Craig & Eileen and met many other BLA members. I don’t remember a massive amount about the after party!! But I certainly knew about it the morning after!

Do you think you could ever see yourself moving to LA, if not tell us what keeps you in England?
I’m married with two little ones aged 6 and 3 so the uprooting would be a big thing at the moment, but when they are older you never know! 

Do you have a hidden gem (special place in the town where you live) want to share with us?

Isle of wight is a small place and as it is an island, its nice to get off it once in a while. So I would have to pick my regular trips to London, be it for a Show, Concert or to meet up with Friends for a night out, Great Restaurant: The Mint Leaf Lounge Indian cuisine!!! Link:

Why would you recommend other overseas readers joining Brits in LA?
Its is an excellent place to meet people, to find out more about what is going on in LA, help with moving to the US, amazing events put together by BLA, an all round bunch of great people!

Lastly , how can we find you on the Internet ?


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