Things British Ex-Pats Miss Most From Home

A clue; it's not the cold.

On a recent trip home to the UK I started becoming nostalgic and satisfying my craving for all things British. so I started a picture journal of my top ten things. I'm sure I've missed a lot off, feel free add more of what you miss in the comments section below.

1. Family. Even better when it's in a pub over a few lovely cold frothy pints. 

 2. Fish and Chips from a proper chippy. This greasy stable comfort food smothered in salt and vinegar is a craving LA just can't seem to get right.

Yes those are mushy peas too. yum!

3. Trashy Tabloid Newspapers
where else in the world can you get catchy headlines like these?

Yes that is another perfect pint on the table, in another pub.

4. Public Transportation 
Buses, taxi and and trains. Reliable fast and for the most part comfortable.

Yes still Chavtastic, no conductors anymore to tell the kids to take their feet off the chairs.

Two strategic placed telephone boxes to keep the homeless warm. Come on who steps foot in them anymore, really?

Mind the gap and on time.

5. Sweets & Chocolate

Minstrels are just delicious hard shell candy with soft milk chocolate inside and the latter are called rhubarb and custard hard boiled sweets. Hard to find but delicious.

6. Tasteful Graffiti Art.

These are street installations by an up and coming artist called Mehdi. Repped by Howard Griffin Gallery in Shoreditch

7. Good style. 
I don't know if it's because of the cold we are able to wear more layers in the UK. But There are more reasons for us to pull of a really good tailored suit and a fantastic pair of shoes, that can stand getting wet.

8. A good haircut.

I stumbled upon a great barbers in London called man made, in St.George's street. Where I had a great haircut and shave, and most importantly great advice on how to manage my new Barnet, by a barber that was very well groomed himself.

9. Theatre: whether it's the west end or the young Vic. London really does have the best choice. I was lucky to see three very different but all brilliant plays. "Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-time." "Assassins" and Mike Bartlett's "Bull."

10. Walking

Whether it's markets, cobbled streets, running for the last bus. In the UK we tend to walk a lot. Sometimes out of necessity or sometimes for enjoyment. In LA we have to "hike" stroll up to the hollywood sign, also because we are in our cars so much. 

You can see more images from my most recent trip by visiting my Instagram @craigyoung26 and the hashtag #thingsbritsmissabouthome




  1. Top post. Has me feeling nostalgic. Time for a trip home


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