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Lena at Mr Musichead

On Friday, May 1, Mary & Martin Samuel along with Mr. Musichead Gallery hosted a photography exhibition featuring a collection of works from late British photographer, Brian Duffy. 
Mary & Martin Samuel

Martin & Sam 

Born in London, Duffy was tagged, “The Man Who Shot The 60s”. He was able to create a unique style of photography, by combining his fashion and art background with his love of shooting celebrities in a way that no photographer had done before him. Brits in LA  members were honored to attend last week’s private opening reception in honor of Brian Duffy’s most iconic collection featuring David Bowie, A Lad Insane.

I was pleased to see the eclectic array of the permanent collection featured at Mr. Musichead Gallery. Each of these works from world renowned photographers, featuring members of rock and roll royalty, only set the mood for what was yet to come. The theme of the night helped everyone capture a glimpse into the lives of our most legendary music idols throughout different points in their careers. The image of Robert Plant in “Golden God” captured a jubilant Plant gazing down at himself on a billboard over Sunset Boulevard at the pinnacle of Led Zeppelin’s career.

Steps away, the image of another fellow Brit, Elton John appeared on stage in front of a sold out sea of fans in his iconic Dodger’s stadium shot. As he basked in the glory of thousands, with nothing but his piano and oversized sunglasses, the camera was able to capture such a personal moment of what it felt like to be on stage at that instant in history.These, along with other permanent collection pieces were all part of the buildup that led us to the piece de resistance of the evening, A Lad Insane.

The central focus of the entire exhibit is the series of images from which the cover of David Bowie’s sixth album, A LAD IN SANE was chosen from. Duffy used this image to convey Bowie’s duality and then current mind state which tore him between his love of both fame and introversion. He used his camera to skillfully capture the essence of glam rock, meanwhile creating the iconic lightning bolt in a minimalistic fashion with nothing but a beautified Bowie and a backdrop.

Other pieces of Duffy’s legendary, Five Sessions, which are on view, include shoots from Lodger, Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps), Ziggy Stardust, and The Man Who Fell to Earth. One can view these images as milestones on the timeline of Bowie’s career, as well as a representation of the professional dynamic shared between Duffy and his muse that lasted over 8 years. It was Duffy’s stylistic influence that helped inspire many phases of Bowie’s reinventions over the years. These photographs were able to encapsulate the look and feel of Bowie’s unique androgynous style. Duffy’s impact on Bowie’s ever changing image was especially audacious for the time and is still evident to influence the art and fashion of our modern day music industry.
Martin in front of Duffy photograph of Martin & Bowie!

Running through May 23rd, this must see notable exhibition, 
A Lad Insane, is open to the public. 
Please go to mrmusichead.com for details. 

Duffy Bowie: Five Sessions available at all your favourite bookstores ( you might have to order)  and Amazon too! 


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