MEET BRENDAN COLLINS From Mansfield, Midlands who is changing the restaurant landscape in Hollywood with his newly opened BIRCH

Photo credit: (Brendan Collins at Larry's in Venice, CA. (Dustin Downing)

What do you hope to achieve by living in Los Angeles?
i have achieved so much already more than i ever dreamed possible so i guess now its about keeping the success going.
i think its really easy to get cocky, take your eye off the ball and watch it all fall to pieces in front of your eyes so keeping focused is imperative !!
i do have a few more restaurant projects to put together and i am waitng for my first cook book to come out this autumn 
and the TV chef thing keeps happening so while the opportunities are there ill keep that going    

What one thing do you miss from home? 
its very small but specific things these days ive been here a long time and America is my home now to be honest??
but i do miss Sunday dinner with my grandparents, never thought id say this but the rain!! and ive got some great mates back in the UK and now we are all older and married with children its harder to get together and hang out  

What do you find the biggest difference is living here versus the UK?
i think the first couple of years in LA are the hardest because apart from the language there are very few similarities between LA and the UK and it takes time to find your neighborhood and solid friends 
the most obvious difference is the weather because its crap in England and great here!!
Do you have a hidden gem in LA that you want to share with us?
its hard to keep hidden gems hidden these days!! but one of my favorite things to do are the Baldwin hills stairs on a Sunday smog dependent the views are pronominal and its a great work out too

*Birch currently offers all Brits in LA key members 10% off the entire bill on presentation of your key fob. And stay tuned for our private chef's tasting menu coming in June.

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