Meet KT (Katy for long) from Hampstead, London who moved to the USA 9 years ago to pursue a different life but still in a city that begins with L.
photography:Lizzie Frankl
Was there a particular reason you chose LA ?
It’s a long Hollywood movie-type story but I ended up out here on a wing, (well the plane I took actually had two), and a prayer. I actually embarked on a quest which involved a series of adventures that ultimately made me land in L.A. In fact the first time I landed here I felt like I'd ‘come home’ and knew that I’d found my Shangri-L.A. and wanted to live here come what may...and June, July and August.

What one thing do you miss from home?
One thing is hard to define because there are so many but, apart from my parents, I miss the rain or at least the 4 seasons (not the hotel).

What do you find the biggest difference is living here versus London?
I think life is a lot easier here in many ways; it’s set up for the consumer and it’s easier to have a great lifestyle that doesn’t cost anything close to what it would in London. I know jaws are going to drop when I say this but I’m not really a fan of the sunshine; I like variety, contrast and seasons! I describe L.A. as one permanent summer day with fragments of moments. I find that L.A. seems to have its own bullet-speed timezone as opposed to London where time seems to tick by at a steadier pace.

Do you have a hidden gem in LA that you want to share with us?
Apart from my living room, when people tell me to take a hike, (this happens rather often), I go to my favorite trail that ends up with you having to climb a series of rather terrifying boulders but, when you make your way down to the bottom, you’re greeted by the most wonderful waterfall inside an incredible grotto. It beats Santa’s Grotty (or grotty) at the mall any day! It’s called Grotto Trail for any of you hikers out there.

What would you suggest to others who are thinking about making the move here ?
I’d say have your ducks in a row with a solid plan; don’t get suckered in by the blue skies, sand, palm trees, because a holiday is very different to everyday life.
The Sun Always Shines on LA
My story is rather unique but is made up of 60% determination 20% luck and 20% risk but I would recommend that anyone uses the '90% plan and 10% surprise’ formula.


If your life was a TV show what song would be the theme tune ?
My life is pretty, pretty, pretty close to that of Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm but, as far as a theme song, I’d have to go with Eastenders because it’s very drum-atic and perfectly apt for many of my doof-doof moments.

Lastly , how can we find out more about you ?
I own two companies; both night and day (literally!) and completely unique. My first one is called Under Raidar: the world’s first and only speakeasy bar and niche nightlife directory, featuring over 150 secret venues bars across the US and London. We also do private speakeasy events, parties, and rentals as well as L.A.’s only prohibition bar tour experience:

Feel free (literally, because it’s free!) to check out L.A.’s only speakeasy casino night at Next Door Lounge, Hollywood on the third Wednesday of each month. We’ve created lots of new services and features on our soon-to-be re-launched website coming soon to a screen near you. If you want to find easy, drink easy and speakeasy then check it out!

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Twitter: @underraidar
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I have another business too. It is called Arasys Inch Loss
My Great Uncle, Gerry Pollock, one of the inventors of the pacemaker, also invented Arasys Inch Loss system which is the only machine that uses a faradic wave (as found in the pacemaker) to naturally contract muscles, anywhere on the body, to achieve muscle toning/building, body firming/lifting/sculpting, fat burning and cellulite removal. The results in 30 minutes are that of a rigorous 3 hours isometric workout while you lie back and relax. The best part is: it really, truly works! I have the only machine in LA so feel free to contact me for a FREE demo in West Hollywood. 


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