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 London Liberty

It’s week 4 of my "back to the motherland" trip and I’m awfully glad to say, I have finally lost my American twang... Although I have to admit that on several occasions have asked for the check and have taken the elevator (translated to the bill and the lift) Yes my UK friends are all to eager to correct me and take the piss a bit. (which means to the Americans; to tease)

It’s an interesting yet exciting time in the the UK, of course it’s the summer and everyone's spirits tend to be moderately elevated, the streets of Soho are full with the suited and booted drinking pints of warm beer and having a Good Ol’ Natter. And even on a cloudy day, the folks are in vests (tank-tops), shorts and flip-flops, which by the way, i still don't quite understand the attraction to walking around the dirty pavements (sidewalks) of London in the latter, the filth and grime attached to your perfectly pedicured feet is and never will be a good look.

The art of conversation isn't lost here, as I noticed how interesting and interested people in the UK are and have great stories to share, and very rarely do they talk about their work, but instead lovely lively conversation. Everyone seems to be very up on their current affairs and welcome friendly debate. I love how we the Brits, even having not seen someone  for a longtime, will instantly embrace you and seem, genuinely pleased to see you. once again, perhaps it’s the weather and spending most of my time in the new Soho house property, 76 dean Street, which I love or my other new favorite place, Liberty’s, where I did some serious damage.

I spent quite a lot of time in the confectionery department and musing over their new selection of 'funnily named' chocolate bars,
Summer Pudding, culture shock, Eton mess, space hopper and spotted dick (it’s a dessert, Americans)
then 'Hoxton Street's Monster Supplies' collection of oddly named preserves, Olde Fashioned Brain Jam, cubed earwax toffee, A vague sense of unease, and The Heebie-Jeebies, Banshee Balls, The Collywobbles, a taste of fear in each container. We really do have a macabre sense of humor, don’t we? 

The best weather I've had so far was in my hometown of Nottingham,

Where I spent a lot of time taking lmy mum on long walks, or how she liked to correct me, i was escorting her on her walks - lol  and spending some quiet time with my dad on his Allotment - Yes they do exist - Ive been creating some vine videos  and youtube videos about my trip, If you want to check them out at.

My fiancé came in for a quick visit at the weekend to scout for wedding venues. And think we have selected the one. So look out for an announcement in this very paper ;-) we also went to see the great Imelda Staunton’s phenomenal turn as Mamma Roselee in “Gypsy” at The Savoy. And stopped off for a cheeky cocktail afterwards in the hotels newly renovated bar - try the illusionist - A themed cocktail that comes with a story, a rose and a side of London Fog - For real!!!

Now I’m up in Edinburgh, to see 14 shows in 4 nights - The trip is to be continued… Till next time!


Cheers, Craig!

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