Not all Brits in LA Members live in Los Angeles: in fact a fair number are scattered around the globe. 

This week’s Meet a Member is SALLY NORRIS who lives in London

Seeing as you don’t live in Los Angeles how did you end up joining Brits in LA?
Fortunately, my sister, Eileen Lee, is a founder of Brits in LA.
Sisters: Sally & Eileen
I have seen Brits in LA emerge & flourish and I am a proud Key member.

Have you ever visited Los Angeles - if so we would love to hear what your impression of LA is?
Having visited many times. I find that, more than most cities, LA is all about being on the ‘inside’, connecting with people, getting to know them or the scenes which interest you, or for your career, rather than being an easily accessible more obvious city, like say Rome or Paris. It’s extraordinarily different to London which has a more institutionalised work culture, in television at least.
Sally on location
Photo by SA NORRIS - © SA NORRIS          
Though I am a freelancer myself now, for 8 years, after 22 years spent as a BBC staff producer & director of factual documentary films & series.

Do you think you could ever see yourself moving to LA, if not tell us what keeps you in London?
For 20 years I have had the type of US Visa permitting me to make films in the USA, staying for longer periods, with my base in London. When it comes to moving, just ask my immigration lawyer, a fellow Brit in LA. When I give up London as my base then I will be over. Family keeps me here currently, and the sort of films I get commissioned to produce & direct & write are often very central to British culture, though I never exclude my options, subject areas, treating every subject of a film with the same great respect and enjoyment it deserves. Every project, often every day, is a new adventure, wherever it might take me. I have made films in 35 countries now and I am most proud of raising the largest single private donation in the decades long history of BBC Children in Need - £1 million pounds with a single 3 minute appeal film on child poverty and becoming the first female to direct (& produce) The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast, broadcast around the world.

I have also been to tell the life stories of many significant figures such as Richard Attenborough, in Richard Attenborough: a Life in Film, Norman Wisdom: His story and Sir David Frost: That Was the Life That Was, in one hour documentaries. 

Do you have a hidden gem want to share with us?
My hidden gem is my home. It’s rem
arkable to live in a city of 12 million, a couple of miles from the West End, yet, my garden is so quiet you can hear butterflies. As that’s a little unfair, you can’t visit,perhaps, then: Richmond Park. Beautiful & big enough to ride a horse full pelt, which I manage to do most weekends, and having a huge dog I can recommend most of our London parks, with their quirky history, heritage, and enormous green and plentiful spaces.
Why would you recommend other overseas readers joining Brits in LA?
LA is all about connections, working knowledge, people, contacts. Even buildings change rapidly in LA. Brits in LA means you can keep on top of all that, have fun, make friends and do business, if you wish.

We hear you are working on an exciting project at the moment - can you tell our readers all about it?
I have 3 films completing this year. My next documentary broadcasts on BBC One, 9pm, on Monday 7th September: The Queen’s Longest Reign: Elizabeth & Victoria. Presented by Sophie Raworth.
Sophie Raworth:

Telling the story of the two female monarchs and marks the day, Wednesday September 9th 2015, when Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest reigning monarch in British history & the longest reigning Queen in the world.

Lastly , how can we find you on the Internet ? And if you haven’t accessed that site yet then you are a definite newcomer to LA! 

Click here to find more about Sally's  film on Queen Elizabeth II. 


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