ARIES: It’s time to make space for new opportunities and to explore your world in a different way. If you normally enjoy routine be ready to leave it on the back burner and try something new.
TAURUS: On the upside you can expect a call from someone from the past and this time you need to be honest about any feelings you may still have for them. On the downside it may not be who you want to appear. No matter it’s going to be a fun month.
GEMINI: The sun in your cousin sign of Libra will bring out a very melancholy side of you and it favors getting a handle on any part of life that you are not dealing with. In the end its always up to you.
CANCER: If you do not reconcile soon with someone close the consequences will be far-reaching. Your reluctance to forgive someone or something will catch up with you sooner rather than later.
LEO: This month should begin with you feeling more confident and light hearted than for some time. If you don’t see that light at the end of the tunnel it is surely a good time to seek it.
VIRGO: By now you should be settling down with a very welcome guest who is visiting you for a year ahead. For he is Jupiter, known as the Santa Claus of the planets and he will in some way or another bring you gifts.
LIBRA: Like Leo, you are ready to lighten up your life in some way. This is the beginning of your new year and make sure that all is in order going forward. A person from your past will surprise you. Maybe a gift for your Happy Birthday?
SCORPIO: Remember this time last month and realize that all things change and that which came to pass was not anywhere near as bad as you thought. You are ready for some fun times heading through the upcoming holiday period.
SAGITTARIUS: Your favorite travel period is coming up so be ready to relax and take a different route this time as you are truly in need of a break away. You will be lucky in some way this week so be sure to take a chance or have a flutter.
CAPRICORN: Pluto the lord of digging up the dirt is settling down deeper into your life so the best thing is to look at what you know you can change. As for the rest it is best to will take some time sorting out what to do and when to do it.
AQUARIUS: You have a family or work situation that will likely come to a head in the next week or sooner. Only you know what you should do, however it is not always easy. Be ready to compromise on the outcome.
PISCES: This week ahead will be busier than usual. With this in mind make sure you schedule time to relax and enjoy time out. You should make an effort to contact someone with whom you have almost lost contact.


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