For people who demand good weight maintenance and management, with low body fat, we recommend the following system....

Eat breakfast like a P = prince, 
Natural snack
Lunch like a K = king 
Natural snack 
and Dinner like a P = pauper!
(The PKP system)

All clients at are introduced to our system from day one.
The old saying was "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.."
Very 20th century! 

This traditional, 20th century style of eating has changed because we no longer MOVE like we used to or had too!!!! Technology has taken over! We simply have to adapt to our new environment and demands.

Your "PRINCE" morning meal is a slow release, morning meal....the word "breakfast" means to "break the fast." What a treat it is, for the body to energize its self with something light, rather than digestively plowing through a heavy morning need no longer wonder why you are so tired after a heavy breakfast! Here's some good examples of what to eat...

"Breakfast like a prince" examples - 

Avocado on 1-2 slices of toasted multi grain or rye bread
2-3 Poached eggs with a small green salad
Stir fried vegetables with green peepers and onions
Small bowl of oatmeal with small amount of fruit.

Your "KING" midday meal Lunch, will be the heaviest meal you will consume. Remember, you have the rest of the day to be active. Therefore midday is an optimum time to enjoy the heavier foods! Interestingly, the sun is also at its highest point as you are eating a larger you see how our body is still in sync with the planet? We must stay in tune with nature! When the Sun was out, it used to mean we needed energy to hunt! Now the demands are less on the body and we must stay focused and eat more mindfully! Especially with all the choice out there these days!

Lunch like a KING examples - 

Roasted vegetables, salmon, large green leafy salad with chicken or a vegetable chili.

It is best if your "PAUPER" evening meal is light and eaten before 7pm. Your body should be able to concentrate on rejuvenating and resting while it sleeps, instead of digestion! Interestingly again, notice how the sun is setting at this time of day (energy and the hunt is over) and the moon is appearing at this time of day (representing the rest cycle for the body and repair) 
This meal might contain steamed vegetables, a green salad or a sweet potato. Because this meal is light, you will find yourself awaking the next day with bundles of energy, prepared for new day and hungry when you wake up!

Dinner like a pauper examples - 

Green salads, brown rice with "deck of cards" size salmon or small bowl of wholewheat pasta with "small pieces" of chicken.

Snack wise daily, feel free to snack on sprouts or vegetables like cucumbers, apples, carrot sticks, tangerines, grapes or raisins in moderation. Never eat more than a handful - that's too much. This will ensure you keep blood sugar levels steady and you won't reach for any high sugar products like fizzy drinks or sweets.

Remember to always use smaller plates, eat regularly and eat as natural as possible. Keep in sync with planet earth, the sun and the moon. 

The 7 deadly sins! 

Finally, If you do want a treat, please remember that their are 7 acid addictions which you must be mindful of daily. The following should be used in moderation only!


Stay mindful!

Ricky parcell
Master coach
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