How to survive thanksgiving without putting on the weight....
Written by Brits in LA trainer Ricky parcell

I don’t keep cookies, bread or sweets in the house!!!! Do you?!!! I would eat them all. TEMPTATION! 
At the holidays, I limit my intake of certain foods because I merely enjoy eating them too much. I get out the small plates. I change up my meal timing and I alter my training routines. I Workout daily, eat more greens at the holidays, reduce bread, drink more water daily and reduce the plate size.
In short, my “for life” or maintenance eating strategy is completely different than my restriction strategy. 

People act like restriction is something they can do anytime they want to!
 We (including myself) always think it is going to be easier than it is. We always map out our restriction and tightening up efforts with a succession montage in our heads that is nothing near the reality of the situation. The reality is most of us fail miserably over and over again at trying to achieve this seemly simple goal - especially at the holidays.
Since this is so hard, I want to state there is nothing wrong with completely removing temptation from your life. What's in your fridge? What's in the kitchen? Make sure only good temptation is available! If it is not healthy, make sure you earn it with a workout first.

Don’t Get Punched Looking the Other Way

The real tragedy to a lot of diet claims, aside from what they do to science, is you are the one who is going to pay for it in the end.  While all of these billion dollar corporations are seeming to be on your side fighting a battle for your health, they are mostly succeeding at two things:
1. Distracting you from the real issue
2. Implanting damaging psychological behaviors
What is the real issue? Regarding fat loss, it is and always will be mastering your energy balance. While all foods are not created equal and have different thermic effects, consequences, and benefits – they all have energy. At the end of the day, you are ingesting “x” amount of energy and expending y amount of energy. Your ability to master that balance is where your focus should be. Your ability to master your psychological demons is where your focus should be.
Your focus should not be getting force fed poor scientific research that takes you further and further off the trail in most cases. While some get lucky and fall into the “right time/right place” pool, the rest land in the path of the tornado and it isn’t a fat loss Oz they land in.

How You Win the War 

Do: Focus on small portions, greens, reduce bread and increase water intake daily
Don’t: Scare yourself into never enjoying foods again
Do: Remember energy balance is the key to your success
Don’t: Forget that every macronutrient has its role and that all foods have different strengths
Do:  Enjoy any food you desire in moderation
Don’t: Let moderation become annihilation
Do: Stay true to what makes you feel good inside and out
Don’t: Be fooled by a few “good studies” listed in a sensational blog post
Do: Believe that results should happen at a relatively predictable pace
Don’t: Believe that those results should only show on a scale....body fat is better for measurement.

Ricky parcell


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