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How to " Make it stick " in 2016

10 possible New Years ideas - make it stick with ! 

It's a lifestyle choice.....not a goal to set! 

The new year is here and once again we are all making New Years resolutions ! 
How do we make them stick? 80% of New Years resolutions are not followed and don't happen in the following year....

In fact by March, only 3 months later most people are already back into there old ways....

So the greatest chance we have to "make it stick" is doing small lifestyle changes and  actions daily. This is called the compound effect....over time, daily disciplines make a massive impact long term...

Example of compound effect....
save $5 a day for a week....$35
Over a month - $140
A year - $1680!!!!!!

Now think of this with regards to 10 mins a day exercise or salad a day for a year....

Most people all resolve is to stay healthy and fit....
Here are some "easy to do" great examples of goals to set and follow in 2016....

1. Eat 1 x salad a day all year 
2. Walk 10 mins per day - A simple and good way to start the new year
3. Drink a smoothie or shake daily to replace a meal every day all year 
4. Mediation or quiet time for 10 mins a day all year 
5. Avoid sitting for more than 1 hour at a time all year 
6. Limit yourself to only 1 hour watching tv per day all year or always take the stairs, not the elevator.
7. Stretch/yoga for 10 minutes per day all year 
8. Jog for 10 mins per a day all year
9. Play a sport with a friend 3 x times a week all year
10 Write timings down in your diary for "me time" and stick to your word.

Remember also, "why" you want to achieve these new daily lifestyle choices and imagine what difference it will make in your life for 2016!

Stay mindful and move whenever you get chance! 

Ricky parcell
British Master transformation coach
Cell 805 259 9703


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