We can't stand the rain!

We can’t stand the rain!

Greeting Britlings!
Yes it a new year and a new name – out with the Breeps and in with the Britlings!
Pacific Sunset: the calm before the storm (Photo: C Young)
Pacific Sunset: the calm before the storm (Photo: C Young)
Okay, I know I always talk about the weather – but I simply can’t go on without saying, “Bleeding Ada!” – El Nino is on fire! (pun intended) If you’re reading this in the UK and thinking of coming to Cali for the sunshine you might as well stay at home – tt’s being peeing it down – seriously bucket loads! Our motorways have become rivers. We have mudslides – which are very dangerous. Storm watch is all over our tellies. “A cat is stuck up a tree, firefighters battle the torrential downpour, but not before taking twenty minutes to put on their waterproofs and wellies. Of course I made that headline up, but rain is serious news in LA!
In the UK this is probably normal. As reported about a month back, whole towns in the northeast have been swept away. But we are in a city here, a city built on mud and sand, and the truth is the infrastructure just isn’t made for rain and can’t handle it. And more than likely we will see quite a few roads crumble away over here too. Many people’s homes are being flooded, prompting me to visit my local fire station yesterday to fill up sandbags just in case… readers with similar concerns have many local options for sandbags – which are free – but you do have to fill them up yourselves. Checklacity.org for an informative map of which flooded areas to avoid and where to pick up free sand!
And to think it was only four months ago that we were sweating through a brutally hot September and asking you to conserve water. If only we could think of a way to conserve it – the LA River is at long last full, but just washes the precious stuff into the sea, where it’s no good to us and come next summer the river will be dried up again. Perhaps YOU can think of some good ideas, if so shoot us some ideas at britsinla@gmail.com and we’ll share them with our readers next week!
I just bought a rain barrel for the first time ever to collect rainwater and use throughout the spring to water the veggies I’ve planted.  I’m hoping for a big marrow this year – wheelbarrow sized – for being a good boy 😉
Compulsive viewing: Netflix's Making a Murderer
Compulsive viewing: Netflix’s Making a Murderer
So with all this rain I haven’t been doing much of the social scene. So I decided to get stuck into the latest trend (well an addiction really) and it turns out I’m not alone. Almost half a million others are hooked on a Netflix docuseries about the trials and convictions of Steven Avery in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. The documentary follows the investigation, trial and conviction of Avery for the 2005 rape and murder of a young female photographer, just two years after Avery was released from serving an 18-year rape sentence when DNA evidence eventually exonerated him. This is TV binge watching at it’s best. “Making A Murderer” is a ten-part riveting and compelling series, better than any episode of “Law and Order” I’ve ever seen and it’s all true and bonkers! In a nutshell it’s the story of a man wrongly incarcerated for 18 years, set free to masses of exposure, who starts a legitimate case against the county, only to find himself arrested again on suspicion of murder. The series follows the court case from then on – and it takes some really big twists and turns and will leave you gobsmacked – seriously start streaming today – You won’t be able to stop watching!
Tuesday Jan. 12th  – Brits Breakfast Club sponsored by Air new Zealand is still the hottest place to be at the happening spot Cecconi’s, with chairman Bernard Skibben holding court. It’s always nice to see so many newcomers around this time, especially actors who are usually here alone and are missing home, it’s a really good place to meet like-minded people so pop along and join in the real conversation.
Thursday, Jan. 14th Toscars Selection Night: Who will be parodying which film? It’s always a fun get together evening! – And there are still spaces to join in the fun. Send us an email to britsinla@gmail.com or check out the online version of this column at british-weekly.com for the eventbrite ticket link.
Tuesday Jan. 19th  – Brits brekkie in the morning and Sandro Monetti is back in the evening to host our very popular pub quiz at The Pikey.
All in all, a fun, jam-packed January. Keep dry everyone and we look forward to seeing you at one of our events.
Craig Young


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