Our right to vote!

right to vote but don't hate! 

So to those who have been here awhile are probably very familiar with the political scene in America. To those who are new here welcome to the three ring circus that is the debates, the caucuses and the public shaming of candidates. Yep that's right. “It's not enough to win, but you must also make your neighbor fail.” Schadenfreude at its finest. It seems that politics here are just as much about ratings for television news shows and the selling of rags than they are for the real issues in hand. Bernie Sanders, a democratic presidential hopeful,said it best at a recent town hall gathering in New Hampshire. That the media are trying to goad the candidates to say terrible things about each other or things that are outrageous to make the headlines. Things are taken out of context and used against each other. Even within the same party. Baffling! 

Whether you relate to the Republican Party or the Democrats there's plenty of Fodder for all. Whether it's Hillary’s email scandal, her public engagement salary or  Benghazi, I hear a lot on social media that she's a liar and not to be trusted because she's in the pockets of Wall Street, or she's fake with that nervous laugh of hers. Or how Bernie is too old, too liberal, hasn't got a plan.  He’s full of ideologies and won't be able to accomplish anything if he was to get in. On the republican side you have candidates, one who wants to take America back (Trump) or the other who wants to take America back to the 1950’s -(Cruz). Both are talking about revoking everything that Obama has created. Quashing affordable healthcare, not allowing gays the right to marry, and there racist comments about immigration is both shocking and apalling) I have to laugh when I see videos of Trump, being touched by religious fanatics or Cruz being refused a kiss from his own daughter, not because I dislike them or hate hem so much, but it's all I. Good satirical jest. All great material for Saturday night live. But this is all real, folks!  

All this media coverage makes it feel a bit like we are voting on American Idol or The Miss Universe pageant, doesn't it?

But getting the campaign word out has changed considerably over the years thanks to social media, Facebook, Twitter etc. but what struck me as interesting as how the “fans” have resulted to offensive hating on candidates, even people who support the same party. On my wall “Hillary is a greedy whore” seriously who says that? I deleted them!  I'm all for funny videos, where Sarah Palin’s speech is turned into a rap, or the meme of Cruz as grandpa Munster. I love satire, but I draw the line at outrageous bullying disgusting comments against the candidates, especially from other democrats. I know as a new-ish citizen of the U.S.I will be voting for a democratic leader and will support whoever we choose to lead the party, because I believe in the values of the party! But my choice ultimately lies with the person who I think  will keep obama's policies in place and not waste time trying to cause a revolution (is this France in the 19th century?). Someone who will be able to defend our country from attacks, someone who will be able to negotiate with foreign leaders and the other side.  Being the president is a hard job and I will be behind the leader of the free world, whoever it may be. But in all honesty my support lies with a strong, caring, loyal woman who will make history and lead a country with grace and dignity that it deserves, but I won't be mad if Uncle Bernie gets in either. :) 

But at the end of the day breeps lets try to be nice and respectful to people to each other and respect those who are passionate about their beliefs and allow them to have their voice heard without judgement , after all we do live in a democracy at the end of the day it's between you and your “secret ballot” all I ask is, if you can vote! Do, But just don't hate while doing so! 




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