Meet Alicia Crockford from Solihull, West Midlands who moved to LA 3 and a half years ago to pursue acting in TV and Film.

(credit: Harvey Greenberg)

Was there a particular reason you chose LA?
Yes, I absolutely love American sitcom and I did a lot of research on all the shows I was (and still am) passionate about and they all were (and still continue) to be cast and filmed in LA, so I made the move and haven't looked back since. I love it here! The opportunities are fantastic. 

What  do you miss most from home?
My family of course. It's so tough not being able to just walk down the street and see my grandparents. Even after 3 years, the time difference still trips me up. Sometimes I'm at home and all I want to do is call my mum, but then I do the math, and usually it's around 3am there. It's tough.  

What was your first impression of LA and has it changed since? If so why?
I remember stepping out of LAX and instantly feeling the warm sun on my skin and everywhere I looked there were hundreds of palm trees. I thought I was in a dream. I still pinch myself sometimes and remind myself how lucky I am to be in such a beautiful city where the sun is always shining. So I would say no, my first impression of LA hasn't changed at all. 

What do you find the biggest difference is living here versus Solihull?
Well, Solihull is a small town outside of Birmingham so everything is within walking distance. I know most people who pass me on the street and I'm familiar with everything going on, whereas LA is so HUGE and it's full of people, shops, events, mayhem, premieres and parties happening daily and it's a lot to take in! So I would say familiarity is the biggest difference. 

Do you have a hidden gem in LA that you want to share with us?
I live in Beachwood, which isn't somewhere a lot of people know about. It's a little community of it's own, just off Franklin and the 101. It's a beautiful area with lots of families and dogs. I walk up and down my street daily and meet so many great people. It's also where the Hollywood sign is, so the view is breathtaking. I would suggest you drive over, park your car and just take a stroll. It's wonderful. 

What would you suggest to others who are thinking about making the move here? 
You need to really want it and I mean REALLY want it. If you're less than 100% sure about this career then LA is not for you. Everyone comes here from all over the world to pursue a career in the entertainment business and people are hungry. It can get very overwhelming at times and it's honestly not for the faint hearted. Otherwise, these guys will eat you alive. Trust me on that one.

Lastly , how can we find out more about you? 
Twitter - @aliciacrockford 
Facebook - @alicia.crockford 

Instagram - @missaliciarose


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